School District Bond


Your vote has never mattered more than it does this fall. YOU have the power to fix a massive problem in the school district that is affecting not just our community’s children but all of our property values – whether you have kids or not.

Did you know....

  • Tahoma is the most overcrowded school district in King County, with three of the 10 largest elementary schools in the state?
  • About a quarter of Tahoma students spend their days in portables, and many of those were purchased as scrap for $1 from Kent decades ago?
  • Tahoma hasn’t passed a construction bond since 1997, when Maple Valley was half its current size?
  • Tahoma is the second-fastest growing district in the county behind only Issaquah, which has passed two construction bonds while we've failed three?

We can change all of this by voting for the district’s bond proposal this fall: To alleviate the severe overcrowding, the district wants to build a big high school near the center of town that will host courses and job training for students and adults. Portables will be removed districtwide; existing schools will see security improvements and crucial repairs.

Have questions? Heard rumors? Please click to read about:

  • More details about the district’s plans.
  • Answers to “frequently asked questions” and rumors about bonds, taxes and the school district.
  • What residents are saying about the proposal.
  • How overcrowding is affecting individual schools.
  • What will happen if the bond fails.
  • How you can help.
  • How to vote.

Don't think your vote will matter? Consider that a Snoqualmie construction bond failed by ONE vote in 2011. AND less than half of registered voters cast a ballot in Tahoma's 2011 bond, which failed. So PLEASE don't forget to vote!  If you aren’t registered, you have until Oct. 7. King County makes it easy to register online. It just takes a minute or two: click here.  

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