Hello and welcome to my Swift Site.  I have been the Principal at Cedar River Middle School for the past four years.  I love working at this school.  The students are outstanding and the community could not be more supportive.  The staff is the strength of the school.  We create strong relationships with our students because we ask ourselves with every decision if this would be good enough for our own children.  If not, then we make a different decision.

It is my job to help every student to be Future Ready.  We do this by making sure that our academics are at a very high level.  The Tahoma School District is in the top 10% of test scores in the state of Washington.  Beyond the academics we also want to make sure that every one of our students has the skills and experiences to create a valued and viable plan that will lead to success in their post-secondary life.  We do this by teaching them a set of skills that we call Future Ready skills. These skills are what our staff, parents and business community believes are essential for success in the business world such as being a complex thinker, an effective communicator and a collaborative teammate.  Lastly we value all forms of post secondary training and we will help all students to find the right post secondary path for them; one that viable and valued by the student and their family.

Thanks for taking time to read about our district.  It is a great place to go to school.  Go Bears!