Welcome to Cedar River!

              I am excited and proud to be serving as assistant principal of this very special school. At Cedar River Middle School you will find highly qualified teachers and support staff that creatively help our students learn and grow socially and academically. We are truly committed to helping each student grow and flourish here at Cedar River.  

Here is information about the PBIS Program: http://crms.tahomasd.us/PBIS.html






Cedar River Middle School staff members have a shared commitment to develop strong relationships with students, parents, the community and other staff members. As a professional learning community, staff members support each other to insure student success. We foster a sense of belonging for all students and help them develop into contributing citizens by meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students.


Cedar River Middle School staff members have a shared responsibility to provide support to all students. We provide a safe, trusting learning community that promotes student self-esteem and fosters an attachment to school. We develop relationships that have a positive impact on the students’ development and academic achievement. We regularly communicate with parents and encourage their involvement.

We accomplish this in the following ways:

Students are connected to at least one adult in the school

Students have co-curricular enriching opportunities to help build additional
  connections with school

Students meet academic standards through the teaching of adopted state and
  district curriculum

Struggling learners receive additional time and support through a network of
barriers to their learning

Staff collaborates with colleagues and other professionals regarding students in
   support of the nonacademic

Students are taught developmentally appropriate social and academic knowledge
   and skills

Teachers use effective instructional practices that are challenging, engaging,
   relevant and fun

Positive acts, including academic achievement, are recognized and reinforced
   school wide