Welcome to First Grade!

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Homework Priority

1. Math Packet- your child will complete one page of homework when an in class worksheet is sent home

2. Read at Home- each night your child should read their read at home book and return it the next day

3. Second Step Homework- Occasionally, this practice will be sent home to reinforce the idea taught in class

The other worksheets that are sent home (UNLESS it says finish and return) are papers you can keep


READ AT HOME books were sent home with your child today. The purpose for read at home is for your child to be practicing reading easy books. This is to allow them to build their confidence, practice reading fluently (like we are talking), and learn a love of reading. Please try to remember to have your child read the book (more than once is always best) and return it in the bag with the book log completed and signed. Then I can give your child a new book to read. The more they read, the better readers they become. My motto, READ READ READ. I hope this can be a time for you and your child to have FUN reading!

Don't forget to fill out the PRRR logs! They are due the first Thursday of each month! :) Happy Reading!

Spelling - The lists go home every Friday (Starting in January) and we have the spelling test the following Friday. Please be sure to practice the words with your child at home so they are prepared for the following week. 

Second Step Homework: Occasionally (once or twice a week) the students and I discuss and practice social skills that not only help us in the classroom, but in our daily lives. The "Home Link" is homework so your child can show you what we are learning and make the appropriate connection of the skills between school and home. Return these as soon as you have them completed. There is no particular due date.

Thanks for all your help and support with this!