Welcome Maple View Middle School students to 
Mrs. Bielefeld's ART CLASSES




Art Class is designed to expose the student to the basic fundamentals of art. By the end of the semester, students will understand how the elements of art are tools to fulfill the principles of design.  This will prepare students for the art classes at Tahoma High School where as 10th graders students receive high school credit for art as one of their required electives to graduate. 
It is my hope that all students will be inspired to express themselves and experiment with original art pieces in this class as they apply the elements of art.  Because this is an introductory art course, grades will not be on “artistic merit”. However, each student is expected to be a quality producer and do the very best they possibly can.

Students will be assessed by effort, positive participation, and completion of assigned projects, clean-up, and classroom behavior.  Positive participation means coming to class prepared every day  at MVMS with pencil, planner, colored pencils, & colored markers.  At MVMS, positive participation means coming ready to work on the art project for the day.  Sketching skills using different values to create shadows and highlights are taught throughout the semester.  Students are assigned homework following the direct instruction in class. Sketches practicing the new skill must completed outside of class on the student's own time.  One week following the due date given in class, students' art scores becomes a "C".  See the rubric of the week to determine what the criterion for the sketch is.  The criterion changes from project to project.
This site contains every document given out in class including the syllabus that you sign and return at the beginning of the semester.  All documents can be downloaded and printed from the "Documents" page of this site.
I am looking forward to working with everyone in this class!