Drama is an introduction to theater arts and acting before a camera. 6th grade Exploratory Drama will focus on theatrical plays which will cover theatre games that build confidence as well as acting skills, theatre vocabulary, vocalization, character development, stage presence, movement, & audience behavior. There will be about one minute of memorization at the end of the quarter, before the performance of a five minute play, The Turkey & the Fat Mayor.

The 7th grade drama class will focus for 7th will focus on the production of a screen play. Students will explore how the production of a screen play differs from theatrical plays. Students will walk through the steps of creating a story, then a script, next a story board used to create a video of their screen play & finally students produce a quality, edited video. This will be done in groups of 5. Each group will have a director, a camera person, & three actors. Each person will have more than one job. How well students perform their monologue assignment determines what their role will be in Acting Before A Camera. Past students were amazed how the life of an actor performing in screen plays differs from their presumed “easy" job. They also thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Acting Before A Camera class.

For your 6th or 7th grade drama student to perform more publically, your student may join drama club after school if theywould like to be involved with this year's school musical. Check out the DRAMA CLUB site at http://www.mvdramaclub.org/ for the title & dates of the performance of this year's play.

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