6th Grade Exploratory Theatre

6th Exploratory Theatre
This course is a 6 week exploratory course. Students will learn basic theatre vocabulary, and skills in movement and vocalization. 

STMS 6th Grade - meet on Blue Days in Portable #2  (1st Period)
MVMS 6th Grade - meet on Blue Days in Room 405 (5th Period)

You will need the following materials to succeed in class:

  • #2 (or HB) pencils: At least 1 each day. Students are free to use either wooden or mechanical pencils. Pencils must have an eraser and mechanical pencils must have extra lead.

  • Composition Book (Journal)

  • Highlighters - at least 2 different colors

  • Student Handbook - to be passed out by the teacher

To find out what is due in class, check the EVENTS category on this website.

Student grades are posted on Skyward.