The photographers in this class  pictures will explore & apply the elements of art and principals of design through the use of a digital camera.  Their pictures, works of art, will demonstrate each element of art & principal of design as we learn them.

In this class photographers will…

  • create artworks using a variety of media and techniques.
  •  identify major artists and styles.
  • begin to analyze your own artwork, other student’s work and the work of well-known artists through critiques and in-class writing.
  • develop their own style by creating sketches to plan for major art projects.
  • create a portfolio of work throughout the course that demonstrates increasing skill and ability.
  • maintain a visual journal in which to keep class notes, sketches, observational items and vocabulary. 
  • Improve your verbal skills by learning the visual vocabulary and apply those terms during class discussions, critique and projects.

Ask questions! Think! Learn! Create! Have fun