December 14th, 2018 :  Check the Documents Section for the study guides


 November 28th 2018 - Social Studies 6 Extra Credit Opportunity: 

Choose a Greek Myth we have not already covered in class from the following site:

Create a product that re-tells this story. It could be a Google presentation, a comic book, or some other creative way to present it. 


Welcome to Mr.Mullen's Social Studies 6/7. 


Understanding history requires:

  • Making inferences about civilizations based on evidence

  • Sequencing causes and effects

  • Analyzing the influence of geography on civilizations

  • Analyzing the sources conflict within and between cultures

  • Making generalizations across cultures and time periods

  • Memorizing the names, places and events necessary for an informed discussion


I will accept late daily work up until the end of the unit for up to 80% credit.

I will accept redos of assessments until the end of the semester for up to full credit.



75% Assessments

25% Daily Work


CONTACTINFORMATION – always the best way to contact me.  I typically respond the same day.



UPDATE: November 2nd, 2018:  6th Graders who need to access the online textbook to complete their Egypt study guide can use the info below.


Username:  [Go.tahoma e-mail address]           example:


Password: [student number]+tsd        example:  999999tsd