What Students Need Daily


Students need these things with them every day:

  • Sharpened Pencils
  • Planner - SEE BELOW 
  • Composition book - SEE BELOW 
  • Notebook or Accordion File - SEE BELOW

Listed below are supplies that we will use frequently, and many of these were listed on the supply list, but I will have a small supply in class for you to use and share if necessary:

  • tape
  • colored pencils
  • highlighter
  • scissors
  • ball point pen - black or blue
  • red correcting pen or pencil
  • Sharpies - one fine and one extra fine



The first thing we do in class each day is get out planners and copy the title of the lesson for the day.  Students should copy down exactly what I have written on the board. Parents can check their student's planner daily and will see what we did that day. Dates for upcoming tests and quizzes will be recorded here. 


Science Composition Books: 

This blank paged, college ruled, journal-style, book is where we take notes, draw diagrams, record data for labs, and paste in additional things we've done or pages I've photocopied for the students. I continue to stress the importance of neatness and accuracy in everything they do, but especially in their composition books. :-). Students will need to have this comp. book daily. Work in these books may be periodically graded. At the end of the school year, this will be kind of like a science "scrap book" of sorts. I've had former students tell me they've saved these and even referred to them in subsequent science classes. 


 3-Ring Notebook Binder OR Accordion File Folder With Science Section:

Include Notebook Paper

Each student is to have a "Science" section in their  3-ring binder  or  accordian file. There are only a few papers I ask the students to keep in this section for further reference throughout the year. In addition to those, students should keep the introductory handout / syllabus here. 



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