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My name is Jennifer Yegge-Terry. As a teacher I use my maiden name: Ms. Yegge. I was born in Memphis,Tennessee and I have a twin sister named Jane. Our family moved to Washington State the summer before I began sixth grade. I grew up in Richland (one of the Tri-Cities) in Eastern Washington. My favorite teacher was Mr. Crowley, my sixth grade teacher. He and I still keep in touch and he has inspired me to be the best sixth grade teacher I can be. 

I have two children, Emma, 21, and Jack, 18.  Emma is studying to be a teacher at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Jack just graduated from Tahoma High School and will be attending Green River College this fall. I am very proud of my kids. :-) Both of them attended Cedar River (our school before the change to MVMS) and Jack was even in my science and GO classes! It was a lot of fun being here with them. We have a dog named Cliffy, and two cats named Chloe and Finn (You can see photos of everyone if you click on the photo gallery link to the left. ). Teaching and being a mom pretty much keeps me busy 24/7! 

I graduated from the University of Washington with my science degree and Central Washington University with my teaching certificate. During my college years, three of the jobs that prepared me with some of the people skills I would need for my future as a teacher were:  being a summer camp counselor, working at the Pacific Science Center, and driving a pedicab in downtown Seattle (there is a photo of me pedicab-driving in the photo gallery.). I completed my student teaching at Washington Middle School, which feeds into Garfield High School, in downtown Seattle.  

People are often surprised to hear how many years I have been a teacher... this is my 29th year! I began my career in 1990 as a junior high science teacher at Hanford Secondary School in Richland (the same school I attended as a kid!). It was the greatest start a teacher could ever ask for. I loved it but sadly I was only there for two brief years before I moved back to Seattle. I taught junior high science and was an elementary sixth and fourth grade teacher in addition to being a computer teacher at four different schools in the Kent School the city of Kent and Covington  (suburbs of Seattle) - Kent Jr. High, Cedar Heights Jr. High, Meadow Ridge Elementary, and Grass Lake Elementary. When I was a computer teacher I taught all of the elementary grade levels... kindergarten through sixth grade. It was so much fun! I did that for eight years and in 2003 I was honored with the "Outstanding Educator of the Year Award" as the computer teacher at Grass Lake Elementary. I absolutely cherish my time as a Grass Lake Gator. 

During my career I've also been the advisor of many clubs such as video production, kindness promotion, and yearbook club in addition to coaching track, soccer, and even a little bit of volleyball. Extra curricular activities are one way I like to work with kids outside of the science classroom.

When my daughter started school, I decided it would be best if I taught in the same city that we lived in. So I left Kent and moved to Maple Valley's Tahoma School District. I feel very lucky to be a teacher here at Maple View Middle School. This is my thirteenth year as a sixth grade science teacher here in Maple Valley.  A few years ago Cedar River presented me with my second Outstanding Educator of the Year Award and then, a year ago, I was stunned and delighted to receive my third Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from Cedar River. Thank you all for making Cedar River and Maple View such great places to be. I love my job and I try extra hard to do the best job I can. 

I always ask my students what their favorite things are... and then they ask me the same question... so some of my favorite things are... my children of course, mystery novels, rom-com movies, British TV, soccer, fresh flowers, exotic plants, the color blue, Thai, French, and Japanese cuisines, steak, salmon, fresh fruit, sweet iced tea, chocolate, and all time favorite candy is chocolate covered coffee beans!

My favorite animal is the firefly, favorite professional sports teams are the Seattle Sounders, Seahawks, and Mariners. I love lots of different kinds of music from The Beatles to Andrea Bocelli to Rascal Flatts... but right now my favorite performer has to be Bruno Mars.

My favorite place to relax is on a sunny tropical beach under a palm tree. The city that I enjoyed visiting most is Venice, Italy. A place I really want to go back to is the south of France. On my bucket list is to visit more tropical islands... Fiji, Jamaica, New Zealand.... ahhhh.... some day. 

My favorite subjects when I was in school were the biological sciences (animals, plants, human body, fungi, microscopic organisms etc...) and my favorite teacher was my 6th grade elementary teacher. He read to us my favorite book from when I was a child... "Where the Red Fern Grows" by Wilson Rawls. If you haven't read it... you must!!

We just finished our inaugural year at Maple View Middle School (the former Tahoma High School). That was quite a year of changes but we've survived! I have tons of wonderful students and memories that I will remember always.  

I want all of my students and their parents to know that I am committed to making science an interesting and worthwhile experience for my students. It is my goal that they have a solid understanding of age appropriate science skills and processes as related to the science standards. Equally important to me is that when they look back on this year they have fond memories of their experiences in my class and when they leave my class in June. It is my hope that each student looks forward to experiencing more science in his or her future.


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. My email address is You can also click the CONTACT MS. YEGGE button in the upper left corner and a message form will pop up.



Ms. Jennifer Yegge-Terry

(Ms. Yegge)