NSTA Convention: My Trip Blog

This is the blog that I wrote during my trip to the 2011 National Science Teacher Association Conference in San Francisco. It was fun to keep in contact with my students this way.

Entries are in reverse chronological order...

3-13-11: Today was the last day of the conference and I fly back tomorrow. I talked with Ms. Musard and she said that all of the classes will get the special reward tomorrow! WAY TO GO!!! I knew I could count on you all!!! This makes me VERY HAPPY.I have to tell you that I am bringing back a little something for each of you! I had to have a second suitcase to bring all of the stuff I'm bringing back home. I've collected tons of cool stuff. - Ms. Yegge 


3-13-11: Today something really cool happened. I met a physics professor from a university back in New York. He and I were chatting and I found out that he knew my favorite famous scientist... Richard Feynman! Richard Feynman was a famous physicist that is no longer living but was an amazing scientist and person. I was so excited to meet this other professor and to talk about what Richard Feynman was like in person. I asked to shake his hand so that I could shake a hand that shook his hand! :-) I've met a lot of other science teachers and have found this trip to be very worthwhile and memorable. I miss you all though and will be happy to see you on Tuesday.  :-D - Ms. Yegge

3-12-11: Hello from San Francisco again. I'm sure you all have heard about the Tsunami. It was pretty crazy down here as there were some evacuations and there was some damage due to the giant wave, but it wasn't as bad as they thought. I was a bit nervous I have to admit. 

The conference is going well. I actually met the people who create BrainPop! They were wonderful and I was able to talk with them for quite a while. They even gave me a special hat with Moby on it! http://www.brainpop.com/. They are going to help us be able to get to use BrainPop even more than we do. I told them that you guys love it. - Take good care,  Ms. Yegge

Here I am with the BrainPop folks:


3-11-11: Today I spent the day touring with a group of mostly high school and middle school science teachers to Stanford University. We met several scientists and they took us on tours of some of the cutting edge laboratories. It was AMAZING!!! We toured the SLAC the very famous Linear Accelerator and learned quite a bit about how it works and the history and future of it. Then we toured the Nanotechnology labs. Several labs where they are creating unbelievable mini-sized devices to help develop products that will make medical advances, scientific advances, and in general to improve everyday peoples lives. 

Tomorrow I'm off to attend some more classes including a cool one on teaching students Forenscic Science. :-) You know how much I loved our CSI unit. Hopefully I can find some cool ways to improve and thus keep it in our curriculum.
PS I haven't seen any Mythbuster folks. I'll keep looking.
:-D Ms. Yegge 

Here are some photos from my time at Stanford:





3-10-11: Here I am with Bill Nye the Science Guy!!! Yes, it is really him! He gave a wonderful presentation and was gracious enough to take photos... - Ms. Yegge



3-10-11: Hello from San Francisco! I'm now checked in to the conference and am excited to see and do all there is to offer. I hope you students are enjoyed the Weather Memory Tournament yesterday and that you are having fun with the severe weather lesson. Remember to put in your best effort. I'm putting in my best effort to get around to see everything possible. There are thousands of people here! I'll be back with more later. - Ms. Yegge

3-9-11: Parents I am excited to let you know that I am heading to the National Science Teacher Conference in San Francisco! 

I will return to school on Tuesday, March 15th. Mrs. Musard is guest teaching for me and I have some great lessons planned for the students while I'm away. The students are excited for my trip. (I had one request from a student to bring back some Rice-a-Roni!) 

I will be trying to email/post information while away. I know I will come back energized and ready to share with my students the exciting things I will have learned while at this national conference. :-) - J. Yegge