Earth Science Curriculum:

Tahoma School District adopted a 6th grade science curriculum in the fall of 2014. The district is also in the process of moving to the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). Our curriculum is textbook based and the topics are the Earth Sciences: soil, geology, plate tectonics, meteorology, atmosphere, seasons, and astronomy.  You can view the textbook by clicking on the link in the column to the left. One of the things that I receive lots of positive feedback about is how I add to and modify the lessons to fit the needs of my students. So in addition to the textbook lessons, we will be making interactive notes in our composition books, conducting labs, playing all different types of games, creating flashcards, watching film clips, visiting great websites, and other activities that make the learning fun. 

We will be starting the year with this topic: Earth in Space. 

 You may be wondering about our CSI unit that we did for several years and that the students loved so much. To my personal disappointment as well as the students, the school district decided not to keep the CSI unit as part of the curriculum.