9.27 Tomorrow will be the first Test on Unit A.  Students should have completed review sheets to study and they should have the test written in their planner.  They took the second quiz for the unit yesterday or today and those were corrected and returned.  They may retake those mid-week next week if needed.  The notes for the test are also attached in the document section.

9.20 Grades are updated as of tonight.  Papers that were turned in late may not have been handed back to students (so they can re-do if needed).  I was out this morning for a post-op appointment so I have not seen my second period since Tuesday.  If they have questions I will address them tomorrow. Students may retake the 1st quiz tomorrow during class if they want to improve their score.  They are working on planning and carrying out an investigation and the write up is being done in Google Classroom.  The Unit test will be late next week or early the following.  A comprehensive test review sheet will be completed in class.  I expect students will bring it home to study.

9.13 The first quiz will be tomorrow, Sept. 14th.  Students need to know the steps in scientific method (Act. 1)  and understand the cause of Pellagra (Act 2).  Notes taken in their science notebook should provide answers to study.  Students are allowed one retake for each quiz if they wish to improve their scores.

9.11 The first graded assignment in science 7 is due tomorrow (per. 3) and Thursday (per 2).  It is due on Friday for Period 1 as they lost time from a fire drill last Friday when it was assigned.  Please remember that students may redo work for more credit if they are not happy with their score.  The original should be attached to the new work and turned in to the turn-in baskets at the front of my room.  Please remember that assignments that are redone do not always get graded immediately but students are welcome to check on them if they are concerned.