May 13 - 7th - none

8th - get most of your research done for your reformer project

May 10 - 7th - none, 8th - none
May 9 - 7th none

8th finish analyzing two slave narratives from the Library of Congress website - due tomorrow

Apr 22/23 - 7th - finish your Doc 1 A or B research for next class.  All Unit 2 work due by Friday

8th - finish writing Journal 1 on Google Classroom.

Apr 15/16 - 7th none but DBQ essay is due on Friday

8th - Western Territory questions and slideshow (on Google Classroom) due next class  Test retake Thursday after school

Apr 1/2 - 7th finish second body paragraph in your Google Docs or on notebook paper.  Finish your document packet through Doc G

8th - Unit 4 Test  on Wed (3rd) or Thurs (6th)

Mar 29 - none (catch-up missing work)


Mar 27/28 - 7th Native American Boarding School poem due Friday

8th - none

Mar 25/26 - 7th and 8th - none

8th - unit test next Wednesday and Thursday

Mar 22 - 7th - finish the "use of resources" paragraph on Google Classroom, Docs A, B, and C
8th - finish the research and Interactive Slideshow for next Monday/Tuesday


Mar 20/21 - 7th finish the paragraph on Docs A and B on Google Classroom

8th - finish the Interactive Slideshow for next Monday/Tuesday

Mar 18/19 - 7th finish Docs A and B

8th - finish the research for your research question

Mar 15 - 7th - finish "Culture of Washington's First People" handout and Doc A for Monday

8th - research due by end of next class

Mar 11-14 - 7th and 8th - none; though all 7th grade work for Unit 1 must be turned in by Monday, Mar 18


Mar 6/7 - 7th quiz on geography and geology of WA on Friday.  Finish your paragraph comparing Eastern and Western WA

8th - 3rd states quiz on Friday.  

Mar 4/5 - 7th - complete the Mt. St. Helens crossword (remember the link to the book is on Google Classroom) - due next class

8th - complete the political cartoon on the event leading up to the War of 1812 that you read - due next class

Mar 1 - 7th none

8th - none

Feb 27/28 - 7th and 8th - none
Update on due dates --

7th grade research and photo essay due Feb 28th (We will work on them one more time next class)

8th grade "How did the Constitution give us a better government than the Articles of Confederation"?  outline / essay due Feb 28th.  (We will work on them for part of class the next time we meet)

Have a good break!  I'm off to London!

Feb 8 - 8th - work on the assessment.  It will be due by the end of next week (2/15) and we will have approx. one more hour of class time to work on it

7th - work on your regions research and photo essay.  It will be due by the end of next week and we will have approx. one more hour of class time to work on it

Jan 30/31 - 7th finish the map on Washington state

8th - none

Jan 28/29 - 7th and 8th - finish our classwork if you need more time


Jan 16/17/18 - 7th none

8th finish your "Compromises" announcement on Google Classroom

Jan 14/15 - 7th quiz on feudalism next class.  Finish the "Feudalism Weakens" wrap-up

8th - none

Jan 11 - 7th - none

8th - quiz on the Articles of Confederation next class

Jan 9/10 - 7th - none

8th - finish "Governing under the Articles of Confederation" handout and the simulation reflection

Jan 8 - 7th and 8th: none


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Happy New Year! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

12/14: 7th - FINISH your Medieval Times research and it would help to start on the product you will create

8th - Annotated Bibliography (justified/not justified) due Monday - points off if it is late.  American victory paragraph is due next Wed. (no more class time).  Both assignments are on Google Classroom

12/3 & 4: 8th - none

7th - finish your Europe map (and your paragraph if you didn't finish in class)

11/30: 7th - Unit Test on Monday -- Study!!!!  Make sure your Samurai and Knights packet is finished and your flipbook - due on Monday

8th - State Geography quiz #2 (Ohio River Valley states) on Monday.  Finish your assessment assignment if you didn't finish in class on Friday.  It is due on Monday.

11/28 & 29: 7th - finish the flip book for Friday if you didn't finish in class.  Finish the questions in the resource packet to be turned in no later than Monday.  Test on the Asia unit on Monday.

8th - none; we will continue with the assessment assignment on Friday.  Resource packet should be finished (all but documents 5, 9, and 10) so that they can be turned in once you are finished with them for ELA

10/29 &30 - 7th - finish the Asia map questions if you didn't finish in class

8th - none

10/24-26 - none
10/22 & 23 - 7th none

8th - finish the questions on the British Form of Government for next class

10/19 - none 

10/17 & 18 - 7th - finish the Civilizations Rise and Fall chart
8th - study for test on Mon/Tues
10/15 & 16 - 7th list some ideas in your NB pg 19 based on the Roman Empire - what makes a civilization stronger and what makes it fall?

 8th - none  

10/12 - 7th - none; 8th - Early Colonial brochures due Monday
10/10 &10/11 7th & 8th - none
10/8 & 10/9 - 7th and 8th - none


10/5 - 7th and 8th - none 

10/3 & 10/4 - 7th and 8th-  none
10/1 & 10/2 - 7th and 8th - none
9/28 - 7th and 8th - none
9/26 & 9/27 - 7th grade - Finish the questions for the background essay and all 6 documents (remember there is a new Doc C - not the one in the packet) for Friday.  

          8th grade - study for your 16 states quiz on Friday

9/24 & 9/25 - 7th grade - Finish questions for Docs B and NEW Doc C for next class.

         8th grade - finish your Native American Culture Group comparison paragraph on Google Classroomm.

9/21 - 7th and 8th - none
9/19 & 9/20 - 7th grade - none (you should have the hook, background essay quesstions, and Doc A finished in your packet)

         8th grade - finish your Native American culture group slideshow for presentations on FRIDAY

9/17 & 9/18 - 7th grade - in the mini-Q packet do the hook exercise (first page) and read the background essay (on the second page) and answer the 5 questions
         8th grade - finish researching the Native American culture group or tribe you will report on
9/14 - none


9/12 & 9/13 - none

9/10 & 9/11 - 7th grade - country/flag research due next class

         8th grade - state/flag research due next class

9/7 - none
9/5 & 9/6 - 7th grade - Culture Flag due Friday

        8th grade - BEAR Profile due Friday

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL  Please have your spiral for Social Studies as soon as possible.