Program Policies and Expectations

Golden Bear Football - Policies & Expectations

Athletic Director: Nathan Oliver:

Head Coach: Shawn Martinson: QB’s/Specialty Defence, 8th Grade,, (420) 413-6200

Assistant Coaches:


  • As a Football Player you will compete to your best ability every minute of every game.
  • As a Football Player you will support your fellow teammates: during games, on the practice field, in the classroom and in the community.
  • As a Football Player you will work your hardest everyday to develop your skills to the fullest.
  • As a Football Player you will set practice and performance goals for the season and your career.
  • As a Football Player you will work hard in the classroom both academically as well as with your behavior.
  • As a Football Player you will attend every practice and game unless a note excusing your absence is given directly to the head coach.
  • As a Football Player you show respect to your teammates, coaches, competitors, officials and fans at all times.


  • A practice / game schedule has been provided.
  • Practice will generally be: every, non-game, school day from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00p.m. Parents you may plan on picking up your child at 5:25. (This gives them time to change) Please check the calendar.
  • Any football player who is late or missing from practice or a game without it being excused by the head coach, prior to the scheduled time, may receive extra conditioning, missing a portion of the next game or removal from the team.
  • The only excusable absences are: injury, illness (see injury/ illness section), medical or family emergency with parent or guardian communication.
    • School related absences must have a signed note (or e-mail) from a teacher. Please note that detention is NOT an excusable absence.


  • Team Issued: helmet, chin-strap, shoulder pads, hip, thigh and knee pads, practice pants and jersey, belt & game jerseys and game pants.
    • Football players are not allowed to wear non-issued equipment without approval from the coaching staff. ie visors, personal shoulder pads, etc.
  • Personal Gear: Practice Gear: shorts, 3-4 T-shirts (no gym gear), socks, jockstrap, sweats etc.
    • Football Shoes: We will be practicing and playing ½ our games on fieldturf and playing the other ½ of our games on grass so we highly recommend molded cleats that can be used for both fields.
  • You need to wash all of your gear on a regular basis: weekly at a minimum.
  • If players leave the team for any reason you need to return all issued gear within three days you will be issued a fine for it’s full replacement cost.


  • Football is a non-cut sport. All individuals showing an interest to learn and follow team rules are encouraged to participate
  • All football players will be given an opportunity to experience football for two hours and fifteen minutes every evening with one of the best middle school football coaching staffs in the Puget Sound area.
  • Positions on the depth chart will be awarded by: Attitude, Citizenship, Teamwork and Ability.
  • All football players will be given an equal opportunity to prove that they are the most qualified player for their position.
  • Realizing that this is a middle school football team, we will attempt to provide playing time to all eligible athletes during the season. Also realizing that due to the fact we are a competitive football team, that playing time cannot be equally distributed among the players.
    • Whenever possible, we will participate in a 5th quarter with the opposing team to maximize our playing time.
  • An athlete's playing time is solely determined by the coaching staff.


  • To practice, a player must...
    • have ALL paperwork completed for the athletic office via Family ID.
  • To compete a player must...
    • be in good standing with the team.
    • have no unexcused absences from school
    • have completed a minimum of 12 practices prior to competition.
    • Maintain the district's minimum academic standards
      • Passed all of their classes from the previous grading period. (grade check)
      • Any questions please contact Coach Martinson.
    • Bus seating for all away games will be awarded to eligible athletes and managers first.


  • If you tell the coaches you're injured or ill we will believe you.
  • We do not want injured or sick athletes to make themselves worse - Don't hide injuries in order to compete.
  • Please be honest about injuries and illnesses.
  • If you are injured, and attending school, you are still expected to attend practice unless your are receiving treatment
  • All injuries must be cleared through a medical professional prior to returning to participation.


  • Drink as much fluids throughout the day as possible.
    • Golden rule: Keep drinking till your urine runs clear - consistently
  • Coaches will provide an opportunity to rehydrate consistently during practices.
  • Avoid: soda-pop, dietary supplements (like creatine, ephedrine), coffee, milk products after noon
  • Eat a balanced diet high in protein, carbohydrates and fruit


  • All football players are required to ride a TSD school bus to and from games.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to pick up athletes prior to 5:30 on normal practice days.


  • Locker rooms are not just a football facility; please keep them clean and well kept.
  • They are completely off limits to athletes after 3:00 p.m.
    • If you are coming to practice after 3:00 p.m. a coach or manager must accompany you.
  • Remember to secure valuables EVERY DAY.
    • You will be issued a combination padlock by the coaching staff, use it and not your own personal lock.
    • Try not to bring valuables to practice/school.
    • Most thefts occur because valuables are not locked up.
  • YOU are responsible for your equipment. Do not misplace it!
    • Make sure all of your equipment is secured in your locker at the end of practice.

This team is the hardest working team in the league and we intend to begin this tradition now.

Win the Play, Win the Day!!!