Maple View Middle School Health and Physical Education

The purpose of this website is to provide information for parents and students on upcoming assignments, project information and events. This is all to help students be more successful in health class! Feel free to contact me anytime via email or phone with any questions or concerns.

My School Schedule:


Stretch: 8th grade 8-8:45 Stretch: 8th grade 8-8:45
Period 1:PE 7th 8:49-10:30 Period: 2 PE 6th 8:49-10:30
Period 3: PE 7th 10:34-12:15 Period: 4 walk 4 Fit 10:34-12:15
Period 5: Planning 12:49-2:30  Period 6: PE 6th 12:49-2:30
Friday Schedule Early Release
1st period: Planning 8-8:39
2nd period: 8:43-9:22
3rd period: 9:26-10:05
4th period: 10:09-10:48
5th period: 10:52-11:48
6th period: 12:22-1


 What You'll Find On This Website:


Daily Agendas, Assignments, Homework and Major Projects, Due Dates, Test Dates, Etc.


Downloadable Syllabus, Assignment Sheets, Project Instructions, Study Guides, Etc.


A direct link to Skyward Family Access to access student grades

Contact Me:

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