*Welcome to 7th grade Language arts & Social Studies-Team RAPIDS! I am looking forward to an exciting year exploring reading, writing and our world. 

Important Dates: 

LA-final monologue due Tuesday 6/6 (end of day). Performances start Wednesday. 

All late work due Friday 6/9 

SS-propose a bill letter due Wednesday 6/14

Vasa Park Thursday 6/15-sign permission slip 

Last day Friday 6/16

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Shook weekly calendar Monday 6/5 Tuesday 6/6

Wednesday 6/7

Thursday 6/8

Friday 6/9


Language Arts 

Final monologue- peer edit/practice GD

Final monologue-revision & practice GD

Final monologue due

Final monologue Performances

Final monologue Performances

Final monologue Performances

 Late work due 

Social Studies 

How a bill becomes a law 

Brainstorm community/school issues 

Propose a bill research GD

Propose a bill research & thesis statement GD 

Propose a bill rough draft 


Propose a bill rough draft 

GoTime  intervention  intervention   intervention          intervention   

 *document available


SS-social studies text book

GD-google doc.on google classroom 

Contact Information


425-413-3290 ext. 9461