Welcome to the MVMS Instrumental Music Page!



Dear Parents,

Just some quick reminders about Tuesday evening’s concert:

  • It will start at 7:00 pm in the MVMS main gym
  • Students should arrive between 6:15-6:30. 
  • NEW: We will move quickly to the gym about 6:40 to warm up. I much prefer to not warm up in front of an audience, but I do not have a large enough space to do this.
  • Please refer to the band handbook (attached) for the appropriate dress for your child’s group.

Beginning and Intermediate Band Music Stands

Students in these bands should bring folding music stands from home. Please label them, as many look identical! (Masking tape with a Sharpie works well). Percussionists do not need to bring stands.

Beginning Band Percussionists

Please bring your percussion kit from home.


Thank you to those of you who are bringing treats for the kids after the concert! This will take place upstairs in the cafeteria area.


As a reminder, evening concerts are required events. They are 20% of your child’s grade and all kids begin with 50 points per concert. Points will be deducted primarily for any repeated behavior issues. Our goal is for the kids to be excellent audience members while other groups are performing and that they can leave the concert proud of themselves in performance and behavior.

NEW: No Jazz Band on Wednesday Morning, 12/13

I believe we will all need a later start the next morning. I have new music already copied, though, so we will be up and running again on Thursday! Next week we will meet Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank you for your help and support. See you tomorrow evening!

Paul Johnson