Welcome to the MVMS Instrumental Music Page!

Dear Parents and Students,

I am very excited to see returning students and to meet the new ones next week! 

This website will be a secondary source about upcoming events, but is also a place where you can download and print out important documents you may need. I will keep you up to date via email mostly, but will post information here as well.

For now, here are some common questions about the start of school with my answers!

Do I need to bring an instrument the first day of class? 
No need for instruments on the first day, regardless of what group you are in. We’ll be going over how we run things here, going through the handbook, finding out where to put our instruments and things like that.

I have not played an instrument before, can I still join Beginning Band or Beginning Orchestra?
Of course! We have a beginning class for you. If you are not currently signed up for Band or Orchestra, but would like to be, please contact me or one of our school counselors. We will gladly make room for more kids!

A-L: Mrs. Bernstein bbernste@tahomasd.us;   K-Z: Mrs. Thibert lthibert@tahomasd.us

I am not sure what instrument I want to play, but I definitely want to play something. How can I decide?
I have several ideas for you:
  1. Think about which instrument you like to listen to. This is a big key!
  2. Visit https://www.bepartofthemusic.org/ and watch the instrument demo videos. Again, listen to the sound of         the instrument. Do you like it? 
  3. Come to our Instrument Tryout and Rental Night on Tuesday evening, September 11. It will be held here at          MVMS, from 6-8 pm. You can just drop by and try every instrument with the help of a teacher.

I’ve already played in Band or Orchestra in somewhere else. What group should I sign up for?
If you have played for one full year and are in 6th grade, it is usually best to sign up for a Beginning class. That way we can meet and I can hear you play and we can discuss if you should stay in that group or move to an Intermediate group.

Does the school have an instrument for me to use? 
Possibly. We have a few standard instruments available, based on financial need. We also have some larger instruments (tuba, French horn, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, upright bass, cello) available for students who have been approved to play one of them. Information on applying for a TSD instrument is in the Band Handbook.

Should I rent or purchase an instrument?  
My quick answer is to rent, especially if you are new to playing in band or orchestra. However if you are in your 2nd or 3rd year of playing, it may be a very good idea to purchase a quality instrument at this time.

Where should I rent or purchase an instrument? 
I highly recommend you visit a local music store for this, and have a list of all the music stores in the area in the Documents section of this website.  Be wary of cheap, pretty instruments online….do your research! I’m happy to help with this process!

I want to play in the Jazz Band! What is the process?
Jazz Band will start around October 1. All the audition information is in the Band Handbook. Let me know you are interested and I will help you get ready for your audition!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,

Paul Johnson