Marching band!.jpg                                 (Marching at the Maple Valley Days Parade, June 2014)

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Dear Students,
Here is a link to a bunch of music you may enjoy: Fun Music!


Dear Parents,
Just a reminder that our band concerts take place tomorrow in the TMS Auditorium! Please have your child wear our band polo to school (or bring it to change into). Students can wear normal school attire from the waist down for our daytime concert.
For the evening concert, please have your child at TMS by 6:30, dressed with the polo, black pants/skirt and socks/shoes. We will meet in the green room behind the stage. The jazz band will play first, followed by the 6th graders, then the 7th grade band. The concert should be over in about an hour.
Please remind your child to also practice for our playing tests, which will take place on Wednesday. I will hear everyone play the test on that day. Also, Friday will be a blue day, so Wednesday is the last band day of the week.
The following week the first day of school is Wednesday, and we will begin to work full time on marching skills and music. Your child is not required to march in the parade, but will need to participate as if they were, of course. It’s a lot of fun, though! 
For those who are marching, please mark Tuesday, June 6 and Friday, June 9 on your calendars. We will have evening rehearsals from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Tahoma HS parking lot on those evenings to prepare for the parade the morning of Saturday, June 10. (FYI, marching band students will meet me at 9 am on June 10, probably behind QFC. I am waiting for final details on that).  
I will also schedule 1 after school rehearsal if at all possible. Students will meet me at 3 pm, practice, and take the activity bus home about 4 pm. 
Thank you so much for your support and for the opportunity to work with your kids this year! They are a great bunch, and I will miss them next year!!
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Paul Johnson

TMS Band Performances:

Date                                  Location       Time              Event

Saturday, 3/25/2017               Graham, WA     Morning-1 pm   Frontier Jazz Festival
                                                                                              (Jazz Band Only)
Thursday, 3/30/2017               Auburn HS       (field trip)          Middle School Band Contest

                                                                                              (Required--7th grade only)
Friday, 4/7/2017                   Vintage Vino/Espresso  7:00 pm          Kid's Night!
 (not required, open to all band students, audition is required)
Wednesday, 4/19/2017           Tahoma JH      7 pm                  5-7 TSD Band Festival 

                                                                                              (Required--6th and 7th bands)
Saturday, 5/6/2017                 Mt. Baker MS 
                   Solo and Ensemble Contest 
                                                                                              (not required)

Wednesday, 5/17/2017           TMS                7 pm                   District Jazz night 
                                                                                              (Jazz Band only)
Monday, 5/22/2017                TMS                7 pm                   Final concert 
                                                                                             (Required--ALL bands)
Saturday, 6/10/2017               Maple Valley    9:00 am             Maple Valley Days Parade!
                                                                                             (Marching Band only)

TBA = To Be Announced





Dizzy.jpg (A young Mr. Johnson with Dizzy Gillespie!)