The B.E.A.R.S. Den is CRMS's effort to create and offer students an environment to learn, explore, and practice behaviors both academically and socially that promote greater student achievement, self esteem, and feelings of connectedness to their own learning goals.  Focus will be on learning, practicing, and mastering group and collaborative skills, social and academic behaviors, study or organizational skill-building, and individual goals and objectives as identified in their IEP's. ABS (acedemic behavior support) will target and teach necessary student skills to enable them to more successfully adapt and transfer this learning to the general middle school environment. 

In addition, our girls' and boys' social thinking/skills groups, self-regulation skills groups, and "classroom coaching" will have discussions, role-playing real-life situations that help to create the power of positive peer influence and overcoming barriers to accepting eachother, resolving conflict, and realizing personal strengths and areas for growth as individuals.  We look for genuine practice environments and my efforts this year will be to try to be personally involved in the classroom, in addition to my para support colleagues, to monitor application of skills as a priority over learning and practicing those skills in isolation.

The BEARS Den is also home to the RIVER BEAT video and photo team as well as ONESCHOOL and BEARS Crew.  These groups are for students wishing to engage in school in a more tangible way.  From creative photos, editing, shooting positive behavioral videos and seeking to change school climate for the better, these students are able to connect their learning to the environment of our school and outward.  For a sample of the kinds of projects that these students create, visit the PBIS link from the "links" on the left.
Parents with questions or concerns can contact me, Pam McKinney at 425-413-5400. Thank you, 
Behavior Staff: Pam McKinney and Carolyn Eley