Getting onto SKYWARD   If you or your child forget their password or user information just click on "forgot password" to have it reset.  Here is the link that you might wish to add to your favorites:

 I try to get grades updated by Sunday evening by 8:00 each week.  If you have any questions you are welcome to email me.


Understanding SKYWARD codes:

* indicates the assignment has been turned in, but has not been graded and doesn't reflect being averaged into the overall grade yet.  Work is NOT missing unless it has the MS note (see below)

I indicates that the assignment was turned in, but it wasn't complete.  I will use this for assignments turned in online.  Since I give partial credit for late work if I receive an incomplete assignment online I will grade these at the end of quarter and then the code will be removed.

MS indicates that the assignment was never turned in.  There will be a zero in the scoring colunn.  This will also show under the "Missing Work" tabl

L indicates a late assignment.  When a missing assignment is turned in the MS becomes an L.

AB indicates that the student was absent on the day the assignment was turned in or assigned.  The  score will be a zero until the assignment is turned in.  The AB may stay even when the score is added.  This will also show under the 'Missing Work" tab.

EX indicates that there was a special circumstance and this assignment is a "No Count" in the gradebook.

AC indicates accomodations were made.