Music Curriculum

We integrate the students’ studies of various topics through many of the songs we sing and play.  For example, the first grade studies and we teach songs from and about the oceans and sea life.  Through our music curriculum, we are able to enhance many areas of study in addition to helping the students develop their music performance skills and understanding of musical terminology. Classes build on their music skills as they progress through each grade.

Focus areas and skills for Rock Creek Students:

Kindergarten, First and Second grade learn and practice rhythm instruments, including rhythm sticks, drums, triangles, conga drums, bells, tambourines and xylophones.

First grade students are introduced to music terms including high, low, steady beat, soft and loud, and more.

Our second grade classes learn quarter notes, rests, and notation for percussion instruments.

Third grade students work with rhythm instruments, recorders and introduction to steel drums and guitars.

Grade four classes continue to work on recorders, notation, percussion instruments, guitars and steel drums.

Our fifth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Zero Hour Honor Choir, which will be open to Forth and Fifth grade students. We also hope to have a zero Hour Steel Drum class for Fourth and Fifth Graders, and possibly a Zero Hour Recorder Club for those grade levels as well.


  Steve O'Connell  

Steve O’Connell has been teaching privately and professionally since 1982. He plays many different instruments and loves to sing!   He is a graduate of Central Washington University with a BA in Music education in both instrumental and vocal music.  
He strives to instill a sense of joy and pride in all his music students. Steve has been working at Tahoma for 20+years, at Cedar River Elementary and Glacier Park, and now at Rock Creek.. Steve has lived all across the United States and Great Britain and is the proud papa of Grady, Calvin and Olivia and is the adoring husband of Wendy.