j0205401.gifWelcome to Shadow Lake Music! (updated 9/3/2014)

Music classes are going strong here at Shadow Lake!! Music is 2x a week for 5th grade and 1 time and every other Friday for most of the other classes. Mrs. Toliver sees every student for music!! There is a grade level program for every grade. Please refer to the concert calendar and watch your classroom newsletters.

FULL YEAR HONOR CHOIR: Registration for 4th and 5th grade Honor Choir will be Sept 11 - September 30. Registration forms will be available under documents, and also in the music room. The first choir rehearsal and orientation is Friday, September 26, from 8:00 - 9:00. We meet every Friday October -  May. Please upload the 3 documents!!

Every 4th and 5th grader, and Mrs. Chase's class,

 will need a recorder at the beginning of the year.

Recorders are available at most music stores. And see below:


I will be taking orders for recorders at the end of  September. The color choices are green, blue, pink and ivory. They will be about $7. That is a very good price. Consider buiying one for school and one to practice at home. They are Yamaha recorders which is a sturdy and reliable brand.

Mrs. Toliver

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UPDATED June 15, 2014