Future Ready Skills and Student of the Month

In Tahoma, we will be celebrating and promoting a different skill each month means we can give each skill special attention throughout the entire Tahoma community. The main goal of this initiative is increased awareness and understanding.  Making spontaneous and authentic connections to the skill of the month in our school and classrooms.  In addition to specific teaching, our Student of the Month program will also be attached to each of these skills on the given month.  If your student is the classroom Student of the Month, they will have their picture taken, get recognition on our Student of the Month wall, and receive a certificate and ribbon.  It’s a Great Day to be a Tiger!!!!

Our Future Ready Skills and the months of focus are listed below. 

Collaborative Teammate- September

Students work effectively with a team for a shared purpose.  Students understand that high functioning teams produce better results than can be achieved independently.

 ELEM Collaborative Teammate.jpg


Community Contributor- October

Students care about others and the environment.  Students identify needs and take action to serve the common good.

ELEM Community Contributor.jpg

Creative Innovator- November

Students are trustworthy, dependable, and effectively interact with others. Students take responsibility for results and demonstrate a strong work ethic.

ELEM Creative Innovator.jpg


Complex Thinker- December and May

Students identify and apply types of thinking needed in specific situations. Students use strategies that support effective critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking.

 ELEM Conscientious Worker.jpg

Effective Communicator- January

Students communicate clearly, keeping in mind purpose and audience. Students interpret and respond appropriately to others. 

ELEM Effective Communicator.jpg


Quality Producer- February

Students take pride in producing high quality work. Students evaluate and improve their work independently.

 ELEM Quality Producer.jpg

Responsible Decision Maker- March

Students make informed and thoughtful decisions.  Students analyze how their decisions affect themselves and others.

 ELEM Responsible Deciscion-Maker.jpg


Self-Directed Learner- April

Students demonstrate initiative and perseverance for their learning. Students reflect critically on experiences, knowledge, and skills to assess their progress and adjust or set new goals.

ELEM Self-Directed Learner.jpg