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Newsletter, letter from nurse, Lifting Literacy flyer, October Challenge from Mr. Rene and Mrs. Nau, and math test all sent home today.  Check the documents section of this website to view the newsletter.



Information about the PAW reading program sent home.  This information can also be found under the document section of our website.




Newsletter sent home.  Check the documents section of this website to view this newsletter.







Newsletter sent home.  Check the documents section of this website to view this newsletter.




Newsletter sent home.  Check the documents section of this website to view this newsletter. 


Take Home Folders

Please notice the Take Home Folder in your child’s backpack.  This is for communication to and from school.  We ask that you keep this folder in your child’s backpack.  Please check it nightly for communication from school (there will not always be items going home). Your child will turn this folder in every morning. 

In case something doesn’t make it home, information sent home from the classroom teachers is also available in the information page of the website.



        What a wonderful first week, albeit a partial week, of 2nd grade.  Despite the fact that we were without outdoor recess most of the time, the week went great! Thank goodness we have room in our classes to move! We are so fortunate to have such a great group of children and families.

        This year your child has the benefit of having two teachers! Team teaching allows for the diverse needs of students to be met more easily and effectively. We work together to observe, discuss and devise best fit learning for each child. A classroom community with two teachers allows students to connect with different personalities. It also allows for more opportunities for one-on-one and small group learning, and stronger modeling during lessons.     

      Our goal is to help your child to be an independent and responsible learner. Teaching children responsibility requires building a routine. Building a routine takes time and practice. We believe in our students’ ability to be successful independent and self-directed learners. We demonstrate this to them by providing guidance, opportunity, encouragement and support. Supporting them to be independent helps them to become more self-sufficient and improves self-esteem. Focusing on routines the first few weeks of school lays the foundation for a productive and cooperative year of learning.

       After the first couple weeks of school, routines will pave the way for academics to be our main focus and efficiently taught. Our teaching philosophy is student-centered. We believe in providing students with many different experiences in all subject areas. Our goal is to use a variety of teaching strategies that will tend to all learning styles throughout the school year. Tahoma curriculum has a focus on critical thinking and higher level reasoning.  This tends to have students “off the page”. This means in most subject areas you will not see worksheets coming home with your child. Studies show that for the growing brain, some rote memorization and worksheets are a key component to efficient mathematical reasoning.  However, the same is not true in other subject areas.  Literacy worksheets rarely require a child to think creatively or to use higher order thinking skills. In the classroom we will focus on literacy activities that are hands-on and actively involve the whole child in learning. The best way to increase literacy skills is a wide exposure to books and intense individual reading. Our students spend a great deal of time immersed in learning experiences rather than sitting in rows of desks doing busy work.

A few other “Nuts and Bolts” –

       Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school. The bottle must have a lid that seals tight (we prefer to not have sports caps, they are noisy and tend to not get shut). Water is the only thing that can be brought in the bottle.

       Attached is our school supply list.  Most students have already brought in a majority of the items listed. Several students have not yet brought in their 2 inch 3-ring binder.  We will start using these on a daily basis in both classes on Monday. If you have any extra gently used or new 3 ring binders around your house we would love for you to donate them to the class. 

      Please check your email junk mail these first couple weeks of school.  If you find an email from one of us or the school/district please save the email address in your contacts and it should no longer go to junk mail. We may also send home paper copies of emails these first few weeks if we are unsure whether it was received.

      We will be sending home more information (volunteer opportunities, star of the week, homework, newsletters, etc.) in the next week or two. It is helpful if you check your child’s backpack daily just in case important info was sent home.

      Tahoma volunteers need to be updated every two years. The process for being approved to volunteer is available under the “For Families” tab of the district website.  We are asking that all parents please visit this site to either sign up to be a volunteer, update your status, or make sure that your status is current. (

     We look forward to a wonderful year!!!

Ms. Fisher & Ms. Skeen




Dear Families,

Welcome to 2nd grade. It was great to meet so many of you last night at the meet and greet.  We had a wonderful first day today.

This year your child will have two classroom teachers.  Ms. Skeen will be teaching Math and Science in room 205.  Ms. Fisher will be teaching Reading and Writing in room 204. Homeroom teachers are listed as the primary teacher on most district/school paperwork. We refer to Skeen’s homeroom as the blue class and Fisher’s homeroom as the green class.  The first couple of days/weeks we go over and practice our routines and procedures carefully with the students.  We have been team teaching for several years now and rest assured all the students have it down in no time.

Our updated website is available on the Shadow Lake Homepage.

This week please check your child’s backpack for important/high priority information from the school/district We will be sending information specific to our classrooms concerning procedures and beginning of the year nuts and bolts type information (homework, schedules, star of the week, volunteers, needs, etc.) next week.

We are looking forward to a productive partnership to ensure your child can achieve his/her highest potential.  We know that we will have a great school year together.


Ms. Skeen & Ms. Fisher