Mrs. Tobius

6th grade Social Studies and Language Arts

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I continually explore my passion for teaching and learning as I watch my own child grow and discover!  I live in Enumclaw with my husband, a high school Spanish teacher and soccer coach, and my son, a 7th grader in Enumclaw. As you have read, I have great insight into your fears and expectations as a parent of a middle school child. I made this transition with my son last year, and I have an appreciated understanding of both your butterflies and Whoo-Hoos!!! Please reach out to me at any point in this process if you have questions about your student settling into home at TMS.

I love to read and write. I have a passion for creative writing and I hope to  share that with my students. The connection between LA and SS is a rich one that offers students real learning centered around the lessons of the past and the influence on their future. 

 I love to have fun and I look forward to this year. Thank you for sharing your child with me!

Please check this site regularly for assignments and expectations. You will find class activities and practice work under the documents tab. Please check Skyward regularly, as assessments are recorded. Extend your education outside of the classroom by doing all of the things you love and remember to READ at home!!!!!