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Classes for Mr.Adams

2nd Period - Intermediate Band
3rd Period - Beginning Band
4th Period - Advanced Band5th Period - Beginning Guitar6th Period - Orchestra



 Welcome letter to the 2017-2018 School Year

Dear Parents:

It is with great excitement that I welcome your family to our music program!

Learning through music and acquiring the unique habits of mind that come with it is one of the most incredible opportunities that our school can offer your child. The musical experience that will be placed in your child's hands has the power to transform their lives in ways that no other endeavor can. In addition to musical accomplishments, this year your child will learn to be a:

  • Complex Thinker
  • Quality Producer
  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Responsible Decision Maker
  • Effective Communicator
  • Collaborative Teammate
  • Community Contributor
  • Conscientious Worker

You play a vital role in the musical education of you child, and you can be successful at this even if you don't believe yourself to be musical! Supporting your child at home is easy and fun and I will assist you along the way.

At the beginning of every school year I am not only passionate about growing a new generation of musician, music lover, and future patron of the arts - I am determined to arm our children with tools to become great thinkers, citizens, and lifelong lovers of learning.

Please join me in what I know will be a transforming experience for your child this year.


David Adams