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We had a BLAST at our Planting Party!


The students planted blueberry bushes, shrubs, and perennial flowers in our STMS bucket garden and in some other bio-degradable planters. The planters are situated by Portable 4 so that the students can see them as they arrive on the buses in the morning.

The bucket garden has transitioned with us from TMS. It is made out of re-purposed pickle and strawberry buckets from Nutrition Services. The side of the middle bucket (with the STMS logo) says "2K 17" as a reminder of the year that we moved. 

Last year, we planted mostly annuals in the buckets (except for the hearty and yummy-smelling lavender on the right end) because the move might have been too hard on them, but this year we wanted our plants to last!



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We meet Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:45pm
(until the activity bus arrives) in Room 105

with Ms. Powell Ms. Henderson


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Dib 802 3/15-3/23
Kurtz 502 3/26-4/18
Merrill 704 4/19-4/25 (updated schedule)
Boynay 703 4/26-5/2
Nunez 106 5/3-5/9


How to care for the worms in the bin:

Feed them small amounts at a time, maybe one small thing a day. They like moist foods like fruits and veggies, but not oil, meat, or dairy. Try and put the food in different corners each day to encourage the worms to spread out in the bin. Keep the worms covered with a layer of newspaper and put any new food underneath the newspaper also, to protect the worms. Also keep the lid on the bin when you are not looking at them.

If the bin starts to stink, you're either feeding them so much that they can't keep up, or you're not burying the food well enough under the bedding.

Download a copy of the WORM FOOD Doc  to learn more about what foods they can and can't eat!


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Our team is still open for new members! Just come to a meeting on a Wednesday!


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Visit our People Power Planet page to see some of our latest activities! Check out our Calendar for dates of upcoming events!

(On the People Power Planet site, keep in mind that this summer we moved from Tahoma Middle School to Summit Trail Middle School.
To see past activities from 2016-2017, please see Tahoma Elementary School on the People Power Planet website).

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