When I was in high school, I painted this barn. It was the first acrylic painting that I had ever worked on. My art teacher, Mr. Goodwin, sat with me and helped teach me to not only paint with this medium (using only a palette knife!) but also taught me a new way of seeing things. This moment in time led to my first college degree in fine arts, a professional career as an interpretive exhibit/graphic designer, a second degree in education, and my second professional career as an educator. This person inspired me to do what I love and I have always loved what I do. I am so excited to work with future generations of young, innovative, and creative minds. It is my hope that my students not only learn in my class but are inspired to do so!

As we move through the school year, I will occasionally post documents to this site including course relevant materials and newsletters to parents. These documents can be downloaded from the course pages. Please link to the contact page if you'd like to contact me via email. 

Also, you should follow your child's progress by having them log into Google Classroom; they should share their daily work with you. In addition, please track your child's grades in Skyward. I update grades regularly so that this information is available to you. You may email me from this site anytime by submitting your message on the contact page!

This is going to be a great school year and I look forward to working with all of you!