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Blue Day                                    Gold Day                     
1st Period - 8th PE                    4th Period - 8th PE
2nd Period - Planning              5th Period - 8th PE
3rd Period - 8th PE                   6th Period - 8th PE

The intent of the physical education program at Tahoma Junior High School is to provide each student the opportunity to participate in a variety of enjoyable physical activities.  Emphasis will be on the goals of physical fitness, through the use of a sportfolio, and the acquisition of skills and concepts in which the student can participate after graduation.

Make-ups Options

Points lost from excused absences and parent notes can be made up before or after school in the weight room, through morning runs or an article summary.  Absences and non-participation days must be made up within four weeks of the absence in order to receive credit.  Communication between teacher and student is important if problems arise.

 Ø      Weight Room:  One day spent working out in the weight room and completing the fitness sheet will make up one excused absence. 

 Ø      Morning Run:  A 20 minute run will be offered at 7:15am the first Wednesday of every month.  Runners will check in at the gym.  Credit will not be given to students arriving after 7:15am unless other arrangements have been made.  One run and completion of the fitness sheet will make up one excused absence.

 Ø      Health/Fitness Article:  Students may find an article related to health and fitness and complete the required article make-up sheet.  A maximum of 3 articles may be turned in each semester.