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4th Quarter Solo Announcements:

7-8th Grade: How Can I Keep From Singing

Solo 1: Sarah Roberts

Solo 2: Sarah Burkhead

7-8th Grade: This is Me

Solo 1: Hadley Plett

Solo 2: Josie Sanders

Solo 3: Isabella Carlone

Solo 4: Lilli Turnbow

Solo 5: McCall Cottam

Small Group 1: To be Announced

Small Group 2: Josie Sanders (pt. 1), Kiera Ross (pt. 1), Lily Cagle (pt. 1); Tessa Dawson (pt. 2), Esther Prabahkar (pt. 2), Kayla Garvin (pt. 2); Lizzy Adams (pt. 3), Ellie Rector (pt. 3), Rebecca Swerdloff (pt. 3)

6th Grade: How Far I'll Go

Solo 1: Kassarah Pollert

Solo 2: Kayleen Nelson

6th Grade: Al Shlosha

Emma Derbyshire

6th Grade: You're Welcome

Josh Miller and Tayte Erickson 


7-8th Grade



Thursday morning, the 26th—Please do the following: 


1. Wear your Choir Tshirt or a black shirt


2. Come to school, when the bell rings, check in with your STRETCH teacher


3. Once you’ve checked in, immediately come down to the commons to perform. Do not wait for an announcement—teachers have an email in their inbox that excuses you from STRETCH. Check-in so they have you on attendance, then come to the commons! 


We are singing “I Sing Because I’m Happy.” The accompaniment has been recorded. We missed one time through on the “I’m So Happy Yes,” section, so we will perform it tomorrow with only one round of claps, then go to the end.


If you were given a pass for WIN from a teacher, please go see them tomorrow instead of performing—especially if it has to do with catching up from missing work on Tuesday! 


7-8th Grade: Extra rehearsal for Festival music with Mrs. McEwen on Monday afternoon, until 3:45! If you can be there, please come! 

7-8th Grade Solos/Groups for 3rd Quarter

Thank you for your wonderful auditions the past three classes! Here are the solos/descants for this concert:

  • Can You Hear

  Solo: Sophia Stadler

  Descant: Sarah Burkhead, McCall Cottam, Aurora Simmons, Courtney Sipila

  • Jambo (I decided to change the song a bit, and have a soloist sing alone first, then repeat the first solo with the small group. So measures 1-8 will be performed twice as a repeat.)

  Solo: Ayden Deguzman (1st section only, not second solo) 

  Group: Lizzy Adams, Isabella Carlone, Emily Cook, Kayla Garvin, Abby Hurst, Josie Mae Sanders, Adeline Solberg, Gracie Weis



District Choral Festival--An Email went out on Wednesday evening, the 14th. Please refer to the attached document, and if there are further questions, contact Ms. Sansburn @ We will perform on Thursday, March 1st. 6th Grade at the 6:00 concert, 7&8th Grade at the 7:30 concert. Concerts are going to be held in the Tahoma High School Performing Arts Center. Call times: 6th grade @ 5:30pm, 7&8th Grade @ 7:00pm. Permission slips due Friday. There is a copy in your class section of the website (to the left). 

Friday, 2/2: I have updated the website a bit! There is now a "Song Recordings" section--where students can access great recordings of the songs that we are rehearsing. Under this tab, there is also a link to a Google folder that includes our concert videos. Enjoy! 

Buy your tickets for Hockey Night! Tickets are on sale until January 30th. $22/ticket--buy with STMS Cashier! 

Friday, 1/12: 4th & 6th Period: Hockey Night tickets are available with the Cashier before school, and at lunch. Tickets are $22 each. Please consider transportation and availability as you take singing spots! Thank you :) 

Tuesday, 1/8: Congratulations to Tamar Rasmussen, who will sing the solo for the combined 6th grade choirs on "Shine Your Light."

Friday 1/5:

6th Grade Choirs: I am going to announce the soloist for Shine Your Light next week. We had absences this week and I want to be sure that I don't miss anyone who might be interested in auditioning. Thanks for your patience! 

4th and 6th Period: Please talk this weekend with family to see if it is possible that you come to school at 7:30am on Thursday, the 11th so we can rehearse for the assembly. We need a good chunk  of the choir there to be able to run it well! Thanks so much for the time you are taking in preparation for this assembly! I appreciate it! Have a great  weekend. 

4th and 6th Period: Tomorrow, Thursday 1/4, we will be having an extra rehearsal for Up to the Mountain immediately after school in the choir room until 3:40 (or until activity bus comes). Feel free to bring snacks to share with everyone, as long as they do not contain any nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.). This rehearsal is not required, but it is definitely encouraged! :) See you tomorrow! (e-mail coming out today as well). 

2nd Period: White Winter Hymnal: Students listed first are the performing people, students names  in parenthesis are in the understudy quintet. 

  • Scott: Jennika Stokes (George Houston)
  • Kirstie: Andrea Jones (Breena Epps)
  • Mitch: Solveig Bly (Tamar Rasmussen)
  • Avi: Kenna Breda (Haley Nollmeyer)
  • Kevin: Ella Wagner (Karmyn Adams) 

Up to the Mountain soloist announcement: Thank you to everyone who auditioned at each stage for Up to the Mountain. This decision was NOT easy, as so many singers were more than capable of being chosen. Each and every one of you should be immensely proud of yourself. At the end of the day, I must only choose one, and I have decided to choose a singer who showed great individuality, poise, maturity, and a very high level of knowledge in their musical choices. Congratulations to Tessa Dawson, who will be our soloist for Up to the Mountain. 

***4th&6th Period READ THIS***: Please consider attending an extra rehearsal for Up to the Mountain after school on Thursday, January 4th from 2:30-3:40 (activity bus available). This will include snacks that you are more than welcome to bring (we can talk about this in class), and some time spent working on Up to the Mountain as a full choir! It will not be mandatory, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you attend. We will perform this in the assembly for the whole school on Thursday, January 11th, and  it would be great to get the rehearsal time as a combined choir. 

12/13/17: ALL CHOIRS: We have our concert on Wednesday, January 17th. 7pm, in the Cafeteria. Our call-time will be EARLY (5:30pm) so we have time to go through combined choir pieces. Please plan accordingly, this will come up very quickly after we get back from break!

12/13/17: Up to the Mountain Call-back announcement! I have just uploaded a new practice track with an example of the added solo at the end for your use. It is very similar to what is in the YouTube video of the good middle school choir! Practice! :) 

4th and 6th Period: Up to the Mountain Solo Call backs:  Congratulations to the following singers who have gotten a call back for Up to The Mountain. Please begin working on the last half of the song, use practice tracks and any recordings online to practice! Call backs will be held in-class on Tuesday, December 19th. If you did not get a chance to audition today due to absence or sickness, you can still audition this week! First round auditions are done on Friday, December, 15th. No exceptions. 

***Updated 12/15 at 2:30pm. This is the final and complete call-back list. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. You made my job VERY tough***

  • Lizzy Adams
  • Emily Cook
  • Isabella Carlone
  • Tessa Dawson
  • Kayla Garvin
  • Kylie Kortenkamp
  • Hadley Plett
  • Ellie Rector
  • Josie Mae Sanders
  • Sophia Stadler 

12/12/17: 3RD PERIOD: Chantez Alleluia descant auditions will be held on Monday, December 18th in class! 4th and 6th: Today is the day! Up to the Mountain Auditions Round 1! Call-backs will be posted here this afternoon. 

10/23/17: All choirs! It's concert week! Please review any concert logistics--we will go over them in class, and there is a new document on your section of the website that you can also review! :) 

      Call time: 6:15 pm in the band room (503)

      Concert Start time: 7:00 pm in the Cafeteria

      Dress: Choir Tshirt and jeans/black pants, closed toed shoes. 6th Exploratory: black/dark shirt.