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Homework Policy for Learning More in 324... think Growth Mindset!
Students, what do you need to work on? 
Write down in your journal what's important for your daily growth as a learner...
 then spend 30-60 minutes reflecting on your goals and practicing each night.
Remember to date all your entries each night for your review.
Bring your Homework Journal to class each and every day!
Please read 100+ minutes each week on your own time.
Write a summary in your journal of what you read and how many minutes.
Write down new writing ideas or reminder notes for current work in your journal.
Practice spelling or grammar in your journal.
Homework & Remembering pages. Assignments. Fluency practice. Math games.
Write down all the details of your learning in your journal.
Research online or at the library to enrich your thinking about our current unit.
Write about your new learning in your journal.
There should be enough time every day to complete assignments in class.
If an assignment was not completed, then perhaps that's an area that needs attention.
(Or perhaps better focus and use of class time is necessary?)
Come to school every day ready to learn and grow!
4th Graders ROCK!