Supply List

School Supply List 2018-2019


 *We may be asking for additional/replacement supplies or materials throughout the school year. 

The following supplies need to be labeled with your child’s name: 

 1 full-size backpack (no wheels) 

 1 plastic 2 pocket folder 

 1 1-inch 3 ring binder (with a clear sleeve on the front) 


The items below are community supplies to be shared. Please do not put your child’s name on these supplies. *Please note some items are marked “boy” or “girl.” 

 1 large box of tissue 

 8 glue sticks (the smaller size, not jumbo) 

 1 box of 24 sharpened Ticonderoga® pencils 

 1 package of 24 Crayola® Twistable crayons (girls) 

 2 packages of 24 Crayola® regular crayons (boys) 

 1 box of thick Crayola® markers 

 1 box of thin Crayola® markers 

 1 box of 24 Crayola® colored pencils

4 pink erasers 


OPTIONAL-Here are some additional items we can use in our class: 

 Baby wipes 

 Playdough 

 Quart or snack size baggies 


Please bring these supplies (except the backpack) to your Family Connection meeting September 4th or 5th!