Spelling words

Spelling Words

Please remember that these spelling words are also first grade sight words for reading. As you practice spelling them, use them in simple sentences so that your child can read them, too!




Week of September 12th

the, and, I, a


Week of September 19th

he, said, to, you


Week of September 26th

she, it, was, in


Week of October 3rd

for, that, is, his


Week of October 10th

but, they, of, my


Week of October 17th

day, at, have, your


Week of October 24th

come, like, mother, not





Week of October 31st

then, when, get, thing


Week of November 7th

do, too, want, did


Week of November 16th

could, good, don’t, this


Week of November 28th

were, back, ask, now


Week of December 5th

friend, play, very, an


Week of December 12th

where, let, long, here


Week of January 2nd  

how, make, big, from