Supply List 2016-17


Mrs. Heil’s

First Grade Supply List 

Please write your name on all items that are “Just For You” in permanent ink.  Please put your name in your coats, backpack, and lunchbox too.


1- box of 24 crayons

1-pocket folder/pee-chee for a “take home” folder

1-school box to hold supplies, smaller than 9” x 11”- needs to fit in their desk

1- pair of kid size scissors

2-4 black dry erase markers

1-pair of earbuds or headphones (headphones highly recommended)


Everyone Bring for Community Supplies

6 glue sticks

A box crackers (every 6 weeks)

Package of #2 pencils

A box of kleenex



Any questions please call or e-mail.

(425) 413-6100

Marion Heil