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Mrs. Milburn :-)
Tahoma Elementary School
3rd Grade 2018 - 2019



Hello Parents and Students!

I am excited to be your 3rd grade teacher this coming fall : ) I am already planning for an awesome experience together!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I started working in the Tahoma School District when my boys went to Glacier Park. I worked at the high school and then Glacier Park as a paraeducator. I liked working in school so much, that I went back to college to get my Masters in Teaching. I taught 6th Grade ELA at Cedar River Middle School and last year made the move to elementary school, which is where I did my teacher training. It has been a great experience and I am happy to continue on as an elementary teacher. I have 2 sons that went through TSD, graduated from UW and now they both work in Seattle. I have a wonderful husband and 2 cute Jack Russels – Ringo and Sammy. 

Parents, if your student that is starting 3rd grade this fall is your oldest, be aware that it will be a big step up in learning! A great way to prepare for that is to read with your student daily this summer, explain word meanings to them and encourage them to ask you about words they do not know the meaning of. This is one fantastic way to increase comprehension – the more words your student understands, the greater their comprehension and ability to write becomes. It’s hard to write with a limited vocabulary!

For math, please have them work on their multiplication and division facts 1 – 12. We will be doing math fluency timings and the more automatic they can do the multiplication the better they will do in math. It will also help speed up the time they spend on homework as they won’t have to stop and figure out the multiplication before they can go on with the rest of the problem. 

I hope you all have a fantastic, family fun-filled summer vacation! See you in the fall : ) 

Kathy Milburn
3rd Grade TES
P.S. Can you please send me an email at  letting me know you received this information? You can just write your student’s name and that you got it, no big response needed : ) Thanks so much for your support - student, parents, teacher - it takes us all to do the job right! : )



Mrs. Milburn Third Grade

Supply List - Fall 2018

 I am looking forward to seeing you again when school starts : ) Here is a list of supplies that you will need when you come to school. If you would like to bring your supplies in early, we will be having a supply drop off day. The school website will keep you posted on the day and time.

 There are two types of supplies:

   Individual Supplies: (Please label with your name- label your coat, backpack and lunchbox too!)

  • One backpack
  • One pencil box no larger than 10”x6”x3” – needs to fit in cubby, allows space for other items.
  • Colored pencils (8)
  • Red pen
  • Ultra fine black sharpie – for outlining
  • White board markers and eraser (could be a sock! :)
  • Watercolor paint (Crayola works best)
  • Black 1 ½” 3-ring binder (with clear cover ‘pocket’ display) for writing
  • 5 3-ring binder dividers
  • 2 3-pronged folders with pockets (for math and reading)
  • One set of ear buds for the computer (Very Important) J
  • Small, child size Fiskar scissors

  Community Supplies: (Please Do Not Label these items. These will be SHARED with the whole class.)

  • Two packages of pencil top erasers
  • One box of Kleenex
  • Last name (A-L) – Lined paper AND sticky notes
  • Last name (M-Z) – 1 package of baby wipes AND hand sanitizer

          Photograph of you and your family doing something fun this summer (4x6 size is best).


 Please don’t bring in any extra supplies.

 If I find students need any further items, I will send an email to families.

Thank you so much for supporting your student :)