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Mrs. Milburn :-)
Tahoma Elementary School
3rd Grade - Fall 2017


Hi Parents/Guardians!

Welcome to our class SWIFT site. I plan on using this site to make communication easier and keep you in the loop so you have an idea of what your student is working on in class. On the 'Daily Doings' page I will try to indicate what we are working on for reading, math and writing each day. This can help you have a conversation with your student about their day :) The home page will be for any reminders about upcoming class events i.e. field trip, Unit math tests, ect. When I come across useful links, say for math facts practice, I will post them under links. At this point I'm not sure what I will put on the document page but I want it there just in case we need it.

Thanks for all of your support -

Kathy Milburn
3rd Grade TES