Daily Doings :-)

    Friday, September 22

  • Reading:Read aloud Triffic the Extraordinary Pig - worked on setting using the 5 senses
  • Math:  L1.8 Multiply and Divide with 9
  • Writing: Writing partners - how can they help each other?

HW Packet 2 assigned today - due next Friday 9/29/17

Thursday, September 21

  • Reading:Read aloud Triffic the Extraordinary Pig
  • Character Trait in Animal Reader's Workshop book
  • Math:  L1.7 Multiply and Divide with 10
  • Writing: Setting goals as writers

HW: Packet 1 due tomorrow & any newspapers Not turned in!

 Wednesday, September 20

  • Reading:Story Elements: Character, Setting, Plot (events that make up the story). We read Triffic the Extraordinary Pig and charted ch 2 Story Elements. We learned about character traits and how to back them up with evidence.
  • Math: Quick Quiz! L1.7 Multiply and Divide with 10
  • Writing: Continued writing in our comp books, shared our stories with a partner and determined if the story was a small moment.

HW: Student newspaper due tomorrow 

 Tuesday, September 19 

  • Reading:Story Elements:Character, Setting, Plot (events that make up the story). We read Triffic the Extraordinary Pig and charted ch 1 Story Elements.
  • Math: L1.6 Multiply and Divide with 2 and 5
  • Writing: Continued voice lesson and wrote in our comp books

 Monday, September 18

  • Reading: Read The Bill of Rights for Constitution Day and went over text features.We learned what story elements are and charted them for Little Red Riding Hood
  • Math: Completed L1.5 Multiply and Divide with 2
  • Writing:Learned what voice is and added detail to our small moment story

 Friday, September 15

  • Reading:Finished writing a summary of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Math:Started L1.5 Multiply and Divide with 2
  • Writing: Finished writing the first small moment true story and shared writing with a friend
  • HW: First homework packet! It is due next Friday, September 22. I am also sending multiplication and some division practice sheets. Please keep these at home for practice time. All of the math homework sheets are practice for what we have already done in class :) Please email me if you have any questions.
  • Reminder: This is the last weekend to work on the student newspaper - it is due this coming Thursday :)

 Thursday, September 14

  • Reading: Continued practicing the skill of summary using Little Red Riding Hood
  • Math: Finished L1.4 working on multiplication and division
  • Writing: Wrote a small moment from the lists created and some kids wrote about things that happened yesterday :)

 Wednesday, September 13

  • Reading: Learned what a summary is and practiced with Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Math: Finished L1.3 - Start L1.4 - Division
  • Writing: Continued brainstorming ideas for writing - people and places

Tuesday, September 12

  • Reading: Select Animal Readers WS Book - Practice Inference & Evidence
  • Math: L1.2 - Start L1.3 - Function boxes & Arrays for multiplying
  • Writing:  Review What Good Writers Do & Don't Do, brainstorm writing ideas & decorate writing notebook

Monday, September 11

  • Reading: Inference & Evidence
  • Math:L1.2 - Multiplication using equal shares drawing
  • Writing:What Good Writers Do & Don't Do