Ecosystem Diorama Project


Ecosystem Diorama Project

Directions:  As part of our Ecosystem unit, each student must create a diorama of an ecosystem of your choosing from 5 land ecosystems we will focused on this unit –grassland, tundra, desert, rainforest, or forest. To create the diorama, you may use an empty shoe box or another small box can also be used.  Dioramas should not be bigger than a normal sized shoe box. 

Dioramas should include:

-or more different types of animals native (a part of) to the ecosystem

-2 or more different types of plants native (a part of) to the ecosystem

-an accurate representation of the ecosystem (including both living and nonliving things – animals, plants, water, soil, etc.)

-a creative use of materials (you may use different materials you can find around your house or you may purchase materials)

-a paragraph (6-8 sentences) giving information about the ecosystem and the plantsand animals included in it


OPTIONAL: Add a disturbance that may be found in your ecosystem (i.e. volcano, landslide, fire)


Although some information on the ecosystem is included in your science book and workbook, you may need to do some further research on the ecosystem, or biome, they chose.  Some helpful websites are:

          -scroll down and look for “Terrestrial Biomes” and then the ecosystem you chose

          -use the links on the left and click on the biome/ecosystem you’re doing


**Students should put the information into their own words.  Copying and pasting from websites is forbidden.  This is stealing someone else’s ideas and called plagiarism. **


Due Date: November 23rd.