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Allison AgnewAllison Agnew
Cristina AzizehCristina Azizeh Business Education, Future Business Leaders of America's Web Site
Todd BakerMr. Baker's AP Human Geography, Summit Fr. Success/World Studies
Melissa BeanMs. Bean's (Corby's) Website, THS Drama Club
Rick BergumCustodial Department
Marie BetlachMrs. Betlach's Spanish Website!
Celeste BlayMs. Blay's Math Class
Mitchell Boyer Mr. Boyer
Jeffrey BradyMr. Brady
Shannon BrannonS. Brannon Art- Tahoma Junior High
Matthew BrashearsMr. Brashears - English
Charisse BraunBraun's American Expressions and English 10
Jamie BryceAP Chemistry, Chemistry
Lara CarlsonMs. Carlson's Classroom Webpage
Theresa CastanedaMrs. Castaneda's Swift Site
Matthew ColeTahoma Senior High Band
Gregg ColletteMr. Collette's English Classes
Cary CollinsCollins Pacific Northwest History and Integrated 9, Military History
Darren CollinsMr. Collins
Colin ConnorMr. Connor's Webpage
Anthony DavisTahoma Football
Erin DavoltEnglish with Davolt
Peter DeboltPeter DeBolt's Web Site
Tracy DeleonMrs. D's website
Kaveh DilmaghaniKaveh Dilmaghani's Web Site
Abby DurrettMrs. Durrett English
Terry DutyMr. Terry Duty
Cavin EgglestonMr. Eggleston's Website
Kristen EiseleMs. Eisele ASL
Christopher FeistChristopher Feist's Web Site, Christopher Feist's Web Site
Kell GarrisonMath with Mr.Garrison
Lora GillinghamTahoma High School Library
Jeana HaagAnatomy & Physiology, Health & Fitness
Rick HaagVideo Production
John HagenMr. Hagen's Biology and Earth Systems class
Michael HansenCounseling and Guidance
Tyrell HardtkeMrs. Hardtke's Online Lair
Jennifer HassmannMrs. Hassmann
Russell Hayden8th & 9th Health & Fitness
Jeffrey HeilMr. Heil's Website
Alex HipolitoSeñor Hipolito
Anne HobsonA.P. Literature , Creative Writing, English 10, Key Club , SAT ACT Prep
Daniel HowellMr. Howell
Alyssa HurtMrs. Hurt - Health and Fitness
Kevin HurtMr. Hurt's English Class
Carmen InnesMrs. Innes Web site
Michael JacksonMarketing, Retail Operations, and PC Tech, Tahoma DECA, Tahoma IT Academy, The Bear Den
Kelly Jarvis Ms. Jarvis Biology, Ms. Jarvis Chemistry
Francis JequintoMr. Jequinto's SWIFT Page
Jason JohnsonMr. Johnson's Social Studies Page
Kendall JohnsonMr. Johnson Computer Programming, Mr. Johnson PC Tech
Lori KanikkebergAlgebra with Mrs. Kanikkeberg
LaRae KeeneyMrs. Keeney
Steven KentMr. Kent: Summit/Biology and Earth Systems
Beverly KesselringMs Kesselring's SWIFT site
Shawn KilgallonMr. Kilgallon's Website
Kelly KimWelcome to Ms. Kim's Website!
Tim KitchenSpecial Education
Melody KlobutcherTheme Readers
Tracy KrauseTahoma High School Health and Fitness, Tracy Krause: Health and Fitness
Hilary LedfordLe Français @ Tahoma, THS GSA
Dale LehmanLehman's UW ESS101 and Inquiry Science
Patrice LindgrenTahoma High School Boy's Soccer
Corinne LombinoMrs. Lombino's Sports Medicine I, Mrs. Lombino's Sports Medicine II, Mrs. Lombino's Sports Medicine III
Kenneth LoomisBiology & Earth Systems (BES) Online Textbook, Mr. Loomis, Science Dept Catalog
Elbereth LorenzElbereth Lorenz
Betsy LoweBetsy Lowe's Web Site
Ciara LozierMs. Lozier's Health and Fitness Classes
Shawn MartinsonMr. Martinson's Website
Jennifer MccoyJ. McCoy's CTE Digital Graphics, Mrs. McCoy's Fine Art Classes, Tahoma H.S. Art Club
Michael McgrawMichael McGraw's Web Site
Molly MeeksMs. Meeks
Heidi MelcherMs. Melcher
Shelby MerliniSMerlini
Lori MolinaroMs. Molinaro Math
Elizabeth MonnMs. Monn's home page
Martina MorganMs. Morgan
Katherine Munoz-floresMs. Munoz's Website
Rachel MurphyChoir - Murphy
Clare NanceClare Nance
Jon NeilAP Biology, Chemistry, National Honor Society, Physics
Scott NewtonShop Technology
Nathalie NorrisLe Français @ THS
Kara OxnerAdobe Illustrator, Advanced Ceramics, Ceramics 1, Industrial Design
Marie PageMrs. Page
Lori PatrickLori Patrick's Webpage
Roger PerkinsMr. Perkins' Math
David PetersDave Peters
Zackary Pittis Mr. Pittis, Tahoma High School Boy's Soccer
Chris PriceChris Price
Paul RempferPaul Rempfer, News & Information
Amie RexMs.Rex Science
Kenneth RiggsTHS Choirs
Monica RobbinsPrevention-Intervention
Adam RubeckMr. Rubeck's SWIFT Site
Christopher RussellSr. Russell - Español 1 y 2
Sara RussellRussell - Health & Fitness
Lawrence ScalesLawrence Scales' Web Site
Mike SegerMike Seger's Web Site
Leanne ShipleyMrs. Shipley's Web Site
Malinda ShirleyMrs. Shirley's class website, TSHS MU ALPHA THETA (Math Team)
Benjamin SimmonsMr. Simmons, THS Interact
Orlia StanfordMrs. Stanford's Website
Joscelyn StrasserAmerican Expressions Excellence with Ms. Strasser, Pre-AP Awesomeness with Ms. Strasser
Daniel StrojanStrojan's Classes
Jami SuhoversnikMs. S
Luke ThompsonSTEM - Automotive Technology
Drew ToccoMr. Tocco's English Class
Ben ToddMr. Todd's Freshmen Success Web Page
Joshua Torellwelcome
Virginia TubbsAmerican Sign Language, Hands Up Club
Matt TuckerMr. Tucker's Class Website
Adam TurleyTurley's Sports and Health Science
Susan UlandComputer Science and Multimedia
Kristen VanHoomissenMs. VanHoomissen, TJH TALENT SHOW
Shelly VeazeyWelcome to Ms. Veazey's Website
Laura VenemonIntroduction to Psychology, Launch - Freshmen Success & World Studies, Street Law, Summit Trail Dance Team
April VictorMs. Victor
Ryan WalstonPAI
Dave WrightTahoma Girls Swim & Dive, Welcome to Mr. Wright's website!
Gretchen WulfingMs. Wulfing's Home Page
Heidi YoungTHS Cheer