Tahoma High School is proud to offer a NATEF Accredited

STEM Automotive Technology Training Program.

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Automotive Technology Instruction has changed rapidly over the past decade. At Tahoma High School, Automotive Technology students are immersed in a STEM training program that prepares them for a high wage career in the transportation industry. This training program is accredited as a NATEF Maintenance & Light Repair training program

In the field of STEM, there are currently 1.7 jobs available per graduate, and there are currently 200,000 skilled jobs unfilled right now in the trades,utilities and transportation industry. 

What does STEM look like in the Automotive Technology Training program?

Science: hydraulics, electronics, fuels and emissions, environmental issues handling waste products, chemistry of sealants, friction and wear, metallurgy, simple machines, thermodynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics, torque effects on fasteners, ergonomics, chemical reactions, leverage, energy transfer, refrigerant handling, battery chemistry, electrolysis, and electromagnetic induction.

Technology: computer controls, multiplexing, electric vehicles, alternative fuels, collision avoidance systems, on-board diagnostics, scan tools, web-based training, procedure videos, online technician networks, digital multimeter, and pc-based shop manual systems.

Engineering: engine design, increases in horsepower and fuel efficiency, vehicle safety systems, electrical circuit design, aerodynamics, custom vehicle applications, and service procedure efficiencies.

Math: basic computation, alignment geometry, standard and metric measurement, precision measurement, problem solving skills, fuel economy calculations, gear ratios, percentages, comparing measurements to specification, calculating labor rates, estimating, interpreting sensor data, calculate weight, volume, and height, fuel trim data, and Ohm’s law calculations.


“Stop celebrating shortcuts! Take the time, learn a skill, master a trade.” -Mike Rowe


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