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1. If your child was IN CLASS and they say the don't have work or don't know what it is, please check their planner OR "paper" they were REQUIRED to complete as part of my class. This will give you a bit more insight into the homework that was given. Also ask them for the notes, paperwork or material that was handed out in class and told to put in their backpacks before leaving class. If they don't have the material please have them come see me during POWER HOUR before the next class and check the Events and Documents pages of this website. 

2. If your child was ABSENT, please have them come see me during POWER HOUR the day they return even if it is not a day I normally see them in class so we can have a one on one conversation and get any notes, paperwork or material necessary to complete the work. Plus this would be the IDEAL time for them to turn in the completed work that was assigned the last time they were in class.