Welcome to Central Washington University's English 101 with Ms. Strasser!

COMING SOON: Ms. Strasser and Ms. Millage (Ms. Strasser's student teacher) pictured with the books they read this summer!

They will be teaching three classes: Creative Writing (Periods 1 and 4, blue days), Central Washington University English 101 (2nd and 7th period, blue and gold days) and English 10 (Periods 5 & 6, gold days). You'll be able to find them in room 209. Feel free to email Ms. Strasser with any questions you have. 


 Navigating this Website:

Under the Class Documents tab, you'll be able to find important class documents once the school year gets rolling.   

When you click on the Email Ms. Strasser tab, you can reach me via email. During the school year, I check my email during the hours I am at school. 

For a more detailed picture of class on a daily basis, please use the link below to Google Classroom and email Ms. Strasser (jstrasse@tahomasd.us) for the class code.