Welcome to Mr. Hood's Page


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The best way to reach me is by email: khood@tahomasd.us

My Schedule: 

Blue Days:

                                                   1st Period: Writing/Reading/Math Support

               2nd Period: Plan

                                    3rd Period: Transitional English

    Gold Days: 

                                   4th Period: Attendance Support

                             5th Period: Consumer Math

                                                 6th Period: Writing/Reading/Math Support

You can expect this from me as a teacher:
  • To be present and prepared each day
     • To treat others respectfully
                                                                        • To respond to communication in a timely manner (typically with 24 hours)
                • To post grades in a timely manner
                                                             • To monitor and adjust instruction based on the needs of the class
                                                • To individualize instruction in keeping with students' IEP
                                                                                        • To be available after school to give your student additional help (when pre-arranged)

What I expect from each student:
                  • To treat others with respect: Both the teacher and other students
                                        • Be present and prepared each day for class
                                  • To work cooperatively with classmates
     • In every task, TRY
                                                                             • To use online resources to access missed work and progress reports