Me and Bill Nye.GIF

Meeting Bill Nye "The Science Guy" at KJR-FM Studios, July 2013

You've come to the right location to find information about Mr. Hagen's Biology & Earth Systems (BES) and Integrated Physics & Chemistry (IPC) classes for 2018-19. Use the tabs on the left to look for Announcements regarding important information, including upcoming tests or other major assignments. Under Events, you will find the daily class agendas (including entry task & exit task questions).  Under Documents, you will find downloadable assignment sheets, notes, etc.  Be sure to check the daily agenda (under Events) if you are absent so you know what you missed that day. 

Grades can be accessed through Skyward Family Access.

Need extra help? I am here in room 119 during Power Hour A (the first half of Power Hour) and after school between 2:10 and 2:40 on M, W, & Th. Students can arrange to come in for help with assignments or make up labs or tests.