Welcome to Mr. Dilmaghani's class SWIFT site

Email: kdilmagh@tahomasd.us

Note: I primarily use Google Classroom to post assignments and other class material. Other than general schedule information and the class syllabus, there is not that much you will find on this classroom SWIFT page. If you are a student, be sure to join the class section in Google Classroom that you are currently registered to be in. You will find the 'join' code for each class below (in blue):  

Daily Schedule

Blue Days

1st Period: American Studies I-II (blvt8l1)

2nd Period: American Studies I-II (vv03db)

3rd Period: Plan

4th Period: Speech and Debate (3hxbhv)

Gold Days

5th Period: Plan

6th Period:  AP U.S. History I-II (fzr0b8)

7th Period: AP U.S. History I-II (c76qff)

8th Period: Speech and Debate (yk8op2l)

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