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Marine Biology


(or....what happened in Marine Biology today)


September 20
A couple of TEDtalks RE: plankton and everyone (should have) finished their Plankton Match  today.  We updated Chapter 1 of the notebook.

Sept 18
Create-a-Creatures DUE TODAY. Here's a couple...


After watching a brief video on the definition of life, students took notes* on (old school) classification then we started the Plankton Match activity.

*available under DOCs: marbio

Sept 14
We spent the day discussing the definition of life. CREATURES DUE TUESDAY!!!!

Sept 12
After watching a short video on Trogdor, students spent the day working on their creatures...drawing, sketching, coloring AND NAMING.  You can turn it in early but the "due date" isn't until Tuesday.

Sept 10
The focus of today's lesson was scientific naming.  We took some notes (the 4 rules), learned the 7 taxons, and the reasoning behind it all.  Gave some examples (and non-examples) then proceeded to articulate the rubric for our first "project"; Create-a-Creature.  THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK. Students have (at least) the next day or two to work on this IN CLASS.  If you come to class on Wednesday with your entire project finished, you get to experience "grouchy LoomDog." 


Sept 6
Wrapped up some "official bookends" (drills, room tour, etc) then began "building our textbook."  Everyone received the first few pages of their lab notebook and placed them in a 3-ring binder (one inch rings REQUIRED). If you borrowed a used binder, please bring YOUR OWN soon and return the borrowed binder.

We filled out the Table of Contents, were given a "thought experiment" for HOMEWORK (think about a cool creature...JUST THINK about it), then began the "Name Game" which will be completed in class on Monday.

If absent, you have some paperwork to collect in class...


Sept 4, 2018

First day of class...


School-wide, we spent the first day discussing the 3Cs of Community, Commitment, and Character... participating in some ice breakers.


 Then everyone took a "prequiz" and I went over room-specific policies & procedures (you can find a copy under the DOCUMENTS page of this website).



1) Get the Course Expectations "signed"* and returned

2) Get a 3-ring (1") binder 


 *either hard copy/old school-style or scroll down/read for the "green" version



Students WILL have HOMEWORK: turn in the course expectations ("syllabus").  You can do it on paper (sign & return) or "go green" AND get EXTRA CREDIT by doing it online...scroll down to find out exactly what to do.


Students MUST HAVE a 3-ring binder (with 1" rings), one that will hold NOTHING but the REQUIRED paperwork.  None of your materials from other classes allowed.  If you're not too picky, I have a few "used" ones available in class (Reduce, Reuse, know the mantra)...but don't count on it.  It's best to arrive with your own.  If your backpack is already too full, ask, and I'll provide you a safe space to store it in class.

HOMEWORK:  Course "syllabus" (see extra credit below)...the necessary items are available under the link on the left titled DOCUMENTS: Marine Bio. If this isn't a good option for you right now, you can simply go "old school" and get a hardcopy (ask me for one in class or print it) to sign/return on the First Day of class.

Extra Credit opportunities;
(1) I would like to be able to send you important reminders via text message...without violating anyone's privacy.  Scroll down and text me the message below to "sign up" with REMIND. You will earn 10 points XC for joining (and parents/guardians can join if they want but sorry, no extra credit for them).
(2) You can then score another 10 extra credit points if you can get your parent/guardian to ...(a) download the course description (syllabus) found under DOCUMENTS: Marine Biology, (b) look it over (DON'T PRINT IT), and (c) send me an email as follows;


 SUBJECT: student name

EMAIL: I am___'s (parent).  I've read the marine biology course expectations.



Get EXTRA CREDIT!!  Sign up for REMIND;

 Don't forget the @ symbol!!