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Marine Biology


(or....what happened in Marine Biology today)


I am teaching FIVE sections of Marine Biology this semester: 3 on Blue Days and 2 on Gold Days.  For efficiency, this blog will be maintained as if there are ONLY BLUE DAY keep this in mind when considering due dates and other time-sensitive posts...especially if you are in either my 6th or 8th periods!!!!



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He shoots... he scores...the crowd goes wild...
IMPORTANT: Apparently you can't read assignment comments via the Skyward PHONE'll need a computer for that.
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March 19
We spent the day doing the Clam Lab. 

HOMEWORK: get your pre-lab (for the SQUID) done by the next class. pre-lab, no critter (exceptions: you were absent and were not able to get a copy of the pre-lab)
And, yes, the ppt is available on the VIRTUAL DISSECTIONS you through the rough spots.

March 15
The day was spent  preparing students for a series of comparative anatomy labs, going over dissection protocols, expectations.  We wrapped up by introducing our first specimen, a representative of Phylum Mollusca, the lowly clam. 

Two critical take-aways today:
1) Students are expected to COMPLETE THE PRE-LAB prior to every dissection (no pre-lab = no critter)
2) Every dissection has a power point that acts as a virtual lab buddy...USE IT. It is designed around the lab worksheet so it will help with each pre-lab and frankly, while not as powerful as engaging in the actual dissection, can be used to "do" (dry lab) each dissection even if you are ABSENT (or want to review what happened in class). Often, a lab team will designate a member to be a virtual assistant...paralleling the actual lab online. I will always post the ppt needed (on the Virtual Dissections page) in advance of each lab JUST SO YOU CAN USE IT FOR YOUR PRE-LAB.


March 13
We wrapped up Simple Invertebrates learning about cnidarians, coral bleaching, and finally, worms!  There were notes (ppt available under DOCs) and videos.  Chapter 2 notebook check coming up next week!

March 9
We began our journey through the animal Kingdom today with introductory items on the Simple Invertebrates; a tweak on colorings...
getting up-close-and-personal with a sponge, notes (ppt will be posted next class), and an update on Chapter 2 of the notebook.

March 7
We watched videos RE: red tides & The Silent Forest, went over the homework and took a (Skyward) quiz (Plankton & Algae).  Oh, and we had a "Carrageenan Party."  sweeeeet...

March 5
After finishing the algae notes ( ppt available under DOCs if you missed it) students did the Algae Lab. 
If ABSENT (or you didn't finish in class), use the info provided in the (dry) lab found on the DOCs page.

March 1
Took care of some general "housekeeping" tips (algae wordsearch, notebook, BEARR pts, using this website!!) & went over the Stanford assignment.

Finished the video/notes then I explained "how to color."  If absent, ask your elbow partner upon your return.

The remainder of class was spent taking notes on marine algae.  If absent, get a copy of the sheet when you return and use either a friend to get the notes from or click on over to the DOCs page for Marine Bio, download the ppt, and RUN it...

Feb 27
Folks took notes (Old School Taxonomy) and made sure the notebook was good-to-go for the CH 1 check (due this week).  The actual due date varies by class period so is not posted.

We then went over a worksheet on the link between nutrients, sunlight, and plankton levels culminating in a revelation regarding arctic blooms.

Class wrapped up by watching Worlds Below (and working on the accompanying video).
HOMEWORK: The algae wordsearch is DUE NEXT CLASS.

Feb 16
The microscopes were brought out so everyone could get a closer look at zooplankton (FYI: Chapter 1 of your notebook should now be complete)

If you were absent today, DO THE PLANKTON LAB ONLINE.  Click on over to the DOC: Marine Bio page and download the ONLINE version.  Read it.  It will explain exactly what, and how, to do (it).

HOMEWORK over mid-Winter Break: Go to the LINKS page and click on the Stanford Lab.  Complete your worksheet as you do this virtual lab.  Forgot your worksheet?  Download & print a copy from the DOCs page.

Feb 14
Happy Valentine's Day
vbear2.jpg...and, if you recognize it, Ash Wednesday...

Today was all about zooplankton.  Students participated in an activity, analyzing the anatomy of a dozen zooplankton, in order to correctly match them to their (common) adult forms.

Feb 12
Create-a-Creatures due's a couple examples...

We spent today  Students were engaged in a deductive reasoning activity where we discovered trees were NOT alive but IS??

Feb 8
After a brief video on scientific naming, students were given the remainder of time (more than an hour) to work on (finishing?) their Creature. 

This course is designed to allow more autonomy than most classes.  If you are a Self-Directed Learner, this style is right-up-your-alley.  However, if you struggle with staying on task, as the South Park meme says...

sp1.JPG was evidenced by a few students that, after an hour, had written a total of 4 words. ouch.  This is an elective for upperclassmen and if this kind of off-task behavior describes you, then maybe you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror to determine exactly WHO is RESPONSIBLE for YOUR success?  You have questions? I LOVE to help, advise, clarify...but everything else is up to you.  The rest of you? Those that understand that using class time wisely is your own responsibility?  You're going to enjoy the ride I like to call, Marine Biology. C'mon, let's go!!  Here... check out this creature from last year...

Feb 6
Following an introduction to scientific naming and the Linnaean system of binomial nomenclature, students began working on their Create-a-Creature assignment.  Keep in mind, most of the grade (24/30) is dependent on THE NAME, not your skills as an artist.  You will have ALL DAY Thursday to work on (finish?) your assignment.  Here's an example from last year...(Taka, our exchange student from Japan, came up with this gem, on a side note, he's back in Japan today taking his entrance exams as he tries to gain acceptance into prestigious Kyoto University).

Feb 2
After "playing" the Name Game, students were introduced to the Language of Science (Latin).  Next week we'll apply the rules of binomial nomenclature to a fictional creature...creating then giving it a scientific (species) name.


Jan 31
First day of class...
We watched The Living Sea (and did the accompanying worksheet....due next class). 


Students have HOMEWORK: turn in the course expectations ("syllabus").  You can do it on paper (sign & return) or "go green" AND get EXTRA CREDIT by doing it online...scroll down to find out exactly what to do.


Students need a 3-ring binder (1" rings), one that will hold NOTHING but the REQUIRED paperwork.  None of your materials from other classes allowed.  If you're not too picky, I have a few "used" ones available in class (Reduce, Reuse, know the mantra)...but don't count on it.  It's best to arrive with your own. 

HOMEWORK:  Course "syllabus" (see extra credit below)...the necessary items are available under the link on the left titled DOCUMENTS: Marine Bio. If this isn't a good option for you right now, you can simply go "old school" and get a hardcopy to sign/return on the First Day of class.

Extra Credit opportunities;
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(2) You can then score another 10 extra credit points if you can get your parent/guardian to ...(a) download the course description (syllabus) found under DOCUMENTS: Marine Biology, (b) look it over (DON'T PRINT IT), and (c) send me an email as follows;


 SUBJECT: student name

EMAIL: I am___'s (parent).  I've read the marine biology course expectations.



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