For homework and additional classroom information, join my Google Classroom page (code: ixed7qf). Additionally, you may opt in to homework reminders by texting @casplun to 81010.

What will you/your student be learning this year?

Expect the unexpected in this course! Physical Science will encompass a broad range of topics in Physics and Chemistry through the exploration of exciting events. This will not be a traditional lecture, read, write, and regurgitate facts style class. Students will ask the questions that drive where we go and will engage in an inquiry-based journey into forces and motion; earth sciences; chemical equations; matter; energy; and other topics. Be prepared for labs, hands-on activities, and exciting computer simulations. 

What materials will I need for this class?

Students will be expected to come to class daily with a composition book, 2 sharpened pencils, and a calculator. Optional items include: colored pencils/pens and highlighters.

Where can I find assignments/grades?

I will post assignments on Google Classroom. You will receive a classroom code for access at the beginning of the semester. Please make sure to check this regularly to keep up on homework that will be due. I will also ask students to keep a schedule of homework assignments in their planner.

Grades will be updated at least weekly in Skyward.

I/my student needs help!

This site and/or Google Classroom will be updated with helpful links and materials during the course.

Please feel free to contact me at any time via email or phone. I will also be available before school (7:10 - 7:40 am) or during Power Hour. If you do not hear back from me by the next business day, contact me again, as I check email daily.

About Me

I realized my love of science at a young age, with the gift of a microscope, and furthered this interest when I had incredible experiences in physics and chemistry at Kentwood High School. Although my first career was not in education or science, the passion for the subject was always in my heart. As an older student, I graduated with a bachelor's in biology from Pacific Lutheran University and then obtained a masters in teaching science from WGU. I am excited to share my passion for science with you and to show you the wonders that a science education can bring!

My other hobbies include: painting, photography, fishing, exploring the outdoors, and hiking. You might say that I am a bit of an adventurer. I have also visited some amazing places, including Japan and Jamaica, and have plans to travel to other places around the world to experience different cultures.

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of Seattle sports, especially football and baseball!