Amy Cantrell teaches ceramics, drawing and painting, introduction to art, and AP Studio Art at Tahoma High School.  The mission of the district is to ensure that students are “Future Ready.”  The district recognizes that there are many paths to success for students and it is our responsibility to find the direction that best suits them.

“Art is more than drawing, painting, and sculpting. It is about our human response to the world around us. I want my students to create meaning through their media of choice. Every work of art has an essential question and that question for my students is the exploration of connections between who they are and how they perceive their world.  As a teacher, I am a facilitator and cultivator of ideas transformed into works of art."   Amy Cantrell


Amy Cantrell is both an art teacher and artist.  She believes that those who CAN teach!  Sharing how much she loves art with students is such a joy and inspiration, and that is why she has been an art educator for 19 years. Go to for some of Ms. Cantrell's portfolio created on a public artist collective site called Deviant Art.   

From Ms. Cantrell:  As teachers we know that students must develop technique and craftsmanship skills, but there is more to art than pretty pictures.  Students should be challenged to work through the often messy creative process and thrive in the face of mistake-making.  Learning in the visual arts allows students to understand and interpret their world visually and put feelings into form.  The creative process is not just an art skill but a life skill.