Here are some of my class policies: 


Homework: Can be turned in up to the unit test for full credit. After that, late homework will be accepted for partial credit. Daily homework is graded for completeness so that students have a place to learn and make mistakes. 

Quiz Corrections: Quizzes can be corrected for up to 70% of the points back that were missed. The quiz corrections need to be completed within a week of the original quiz and all work must be completed on the form. The form is on the documents page. I am available to help with corrections during tutorial, before and after school. The purpose is for students to analyze their mistakes so they don't make the same mistake twice. 


Geometry Lab

Participation: This class is based mostly on participation. We have designed this course to be a companion course to Geometry. It is a place to practice mathematical practices and geometry concepts as well as strengthen algebra concepts from previous years.